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I'm considering selling a pair of burgundy cxl SD's with a medallion toe cap in size 9D. They are gently used, and just had them resoled. Any interest?
I am selling a Beckel Canvas War Bag. The bag is in great shape and comes with a shoulder strap and toiletry bag. The bag measures 11" x 11" x 23". Retail for all three pieces is ~ $90; asking $50. http://beckelcanvas.com/products_view.php?products_id=22
FS: Studio D'Artisan SL-1 Jeans size 32. These jeans were a limited edition to celebrate the opening of Studio D'Artisan's Tokyo shop. These jeans were purchased directly from this shop. The fit is based on the SD-103 cut and features white stitching, red arcurate on the right back pocket with matching red and blue tab, blue arcurate on the left back pocket with matching blue and red tab, red front right pocket bag, blue front left pocket bag and a shell cordovan...
Kyle (from Baker's) and I have been emailing back and forth a lot lately. I started asking him a few questions about ordering a pair of Semi-Dress and now I am bugging him about the possible new options from White's. Today Kyle shared some pictures of new sole options he is working on with White's. He said I could post the pics here. What do you guys think?
Another price drop. I'm also accepting offers.
Price drop
price drop
Price Drop
Price drop.
Price drop
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