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Not the best pic, but here are three of my MOTOs next to my White's. On the left are Cordovan Lace-Up Boots, next to Cap Toe Lace-Up Boots, next to the Long Desert Boots:
Sizing: I wear a size 2 in all of my MOTOs and they all fit perfectly. As a comparison, my White's Semi Dress are size 9D and my Alden Chukka on the Barrie last are size 8.5
Here is a photo of my most recent MOTO shoes, oxfords in natural cxl:
Great Thread. I am a huge fan or MOTO and have a handful of MOTO shoes. Here are a couple shots of my first pair. The top photo is after about a weeks wear and the bottom photo is a couple years later:
is the Fiebing's Edge Dye what White's uses?
Beautiful. When did you order them? How many weeks did you wait before they were delivered?
Photos, Details and Price added.
I am selling a gently used pair of White's Semi-Dress, size 9D, in Horween #8 Burgundy CXL with Medallion Toe Caps. The boots were just resoled with a Vibram Half Sole. They have burgundy waxed laces. Asking $350.
I'm considering selling a pair of burgundy cxl SD's with a medallion toe cap in size 9D. They are gently used, and just had them resoled. Any interest?
I am selling a Beckel Canvas War Bag. The bag is in great shape and comes with a shoulder strap and toiletry bag. The bag measures 11" x 11" x 23". Retail for all three pieces is ~ $90; asking $50. http://beckelcanvas.com/products_view.php?products_id=22
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