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I've only had the oxfords for approximately 6 months. I don't wear them very often. In terms of quality, MOTOs are a handmade artisan product that are of incredibly high quality and are in a league of their own. The can't be compared to Alden or White's as both of these brands have experienced poor quality control in light of their surge in popularity. It should be mentioned that MOTOs are hand dyed and that adds a unique characteristic to the shoes as they age.
And, my girlfriend's natural Balmorals:
Not the best pic, but here are three of my MOTOs next to my White's. On the left are Cordovan Lace-Up Boots, next to Cap Toe Lace-Up Boots, next to the Long Desert Boots:
Sizing: I wear a size 2 in all of my MOTOs and they all fit perfectly. As a comparison, my White's Semi Dress are size 9D and my Alden Chukka on the Barrie last are size 8.5
Here is a photo of my most recent MOTO shoes, oxfords in natural cxl:
Great Thread. I am a huge fan or MOTO and have a handful of MOTO shoes. Here are a couple shots of my first pair. The top photo is after about a weeks wear and the bottom photo is a couple years later:
is the Fiebing's Edge Dye what White's uses?
Beautiful. When did you order them? How many weeks did you wait before they were delivered?
Photos, Details and Price added.
I am selling a gently used pair of White's Semi-Dress, size 9D, in Horween #8 Burgundy CXL with Medallion Toe Caps. The boots were just resoled with a Vibram Half Sole. They have burgundy waxed laces. Asking $350.
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