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Size 32. Original post updated. Thanks!
Received these as a gift and they are too small. They are new with tags. Size 32 From Left Field's website: Unwashed, 100% cotton Cone Mills White Oak Plant red-line selvedge duck canvas. Chain-stitched waist band. Corozo button fly. Front watch pocket. On-seam side pockets. Buttoned back welt pockets. 100% cotton Japanese chambray pocket bags. Cut and sewn in Los Angeles. $150 shipped in the US.
The shop has some options available that they do not post on their website or sell through other shops, so it might be hard to find all options available...
The cordovan models are even more amazing then their standard line. And they have purposefully dyed the cordovan in a way that the leather is not sheen as you typically find in cordovan shoes, and it makes for a more beautiful shoe. If you are considering cordovan and can afford it (they are substantially more expensive), don't think twice.
Found this sizing info on a couple MOTO stockist's sites. [0] 24.5~25.0 [1] 25.5~26.0 [2] 26.5~27.0 [3] 27.5~28.0 (cm) A couple models are made in a size 0 and I can't find size 4 anywhere. If you have wide feet, either size up or maybe shy away for now. 'Standard' shoe size conversions: You can extrapolate that the following sizes might work: [0] 7~7.5 [1] 7.5~8 [2] 8.5~9 [3] 9~9.5 I wear a 43 or a 9 consistently. I am an 8.5D on Alden's Barrie Last and a 9D...
Some photos from my visits to MOTO from years past:
I wasn't aware of them doing international orders. A while ago I informed them about interest in their shoes and boots on superfuture and asked about international orders. They said that because of the sizing, the don't want to send shoes to people who can't/haven't tried them on because they want to ensure that customers are satisfied. Given the lack of returns in Japan, it's fair that they don't want people to be unhappy after shelling out so much.
I haven't tried on the MOTOR boots.
My girlfriend loves her MOTOs. The only problem is that she is worried about them getting scuffed and she rarely wears them.
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