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Broiler bacon is wonderful. Add fresh cracked black pepper for some spice, and some maple syrup for some sweetness to balance out the saltiness of the bacon. It is perfect. For those that want a healthy option, I hear wraps are one of the healthiest food items these days. So, take that broiler bacon and wrap it in a slice of maple sugar ham, and there you go, a healthy and delicious option.
After heavy deads, or a particularly rough olympic lifting session, I can certainly feel the soreness in my lower back (the spinal erectors in particular). As long as it is good sore, not injury sore, you should be fine. In any case, always always always watch your form on the deadlifts.
I agree that right before dessert is the best time. Here is what you do: 1) order the dessert. 2) excuse yourself from the table, and say "I'll be right back" 3) leave the restaurant 4) don't return or call again
People with wide feet (like myself) have plenty of options for good shoes. One potential hang up is that you won't see them at clearance prices nearly as often because stores don't carry a huge stock of wides. Allen Edmonds, Alden, even Johnston and Murphy all have wide sizes.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Is the auctioneering industry a veritable goldmine given the fact that the auction house gets paid ~30% (15% buyer's premium + 15% seller's premium not to mention listing fee) of the sale price of anything they successfully auction off + the presumably low overheads? ..
ugg boots over jeans union. . . LOL
I was taught, by many people, that if I went to college and got a degree, that I would always be valuable and always be able to get work that paid well. A college degree was purported to be a "magic ticket" of sorts that led to satisfying jobs and job security. That is the most glaring example I can think of, but I had to have been taught loads of crap in order to end up this skeptical about everything.
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur How often does one have to do stuff with a GF? Stuff as in go out together or just meet up. Is once a week not enough to keep a relationship going? Depends on the people in the relationship. It is a spectrum from happy with once every week (or whatever time period) to happy only with near constant contact (several times a day being necessary). That is why dating is useful. It allows you a chance to get...
Quote: Originally Posted by merkur Please share. Really? Are you serious?
Quote: Originally Posted by King Francis This is a great tactic if you're a guy who can provide his body with sufficient nutrients from only a few slices of pizza night after night. (Unfortunately, this kind of guy doesn't exist.) Yeah, undergrads need beer too if they expect complete nutrition from pizza meals.
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