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No one preserves food at all, not even for gourmet reasons? I've been asking my parents. . . apparently they have a very old sauerkraut crock that my great grandparents brought with them when they came to the US. Seems kind of wasteful to not use it.
I found a very nice copper sauce pot once. I debated buying it for a while, but I had never heard of the name, so I decided I would look it up first. When I went back to buy it, they had sold it already. Every now and then I find seconds of nice cookware there as well.
Some extended family of mine owned a restaurant. Some other extended family worked in the restaurant. All kinds of BS went on. No one was happy. The business folded. In summary, choose your family wisely before you are born.
Quote: Originally Posted by gilwood Wow, this forum is full of a bunch of dorks. Just by the fact that some people are saying "Fail" and "owned" reduces the maturity level to your average video game player. I think I more mature conversations while playing counter-strike. I can't believe I once took fashion advice from you people... I'll be driving my new s2000 to pick up my hot & very thin girl tonight and going out for a lobster dinner. You guys...
I ALWAYS prefer to use my credit card, because they are far more likely to protect me. Something goes wrong? "Here's your new card overnighted to you sir, we've removed the fraudulent charges, sorry for the problems". Paypal just seems too shady of an operation for me to use them. In fact, I avoid ebay and paypal like the plague.
Sorry to hear about that. Condolences.
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Has this thread gotten smarter? Of coarse. Your asking crazy questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'd be more impressed if he were listening to the band, Television. I'd be most impressed if he was googling Jessica Alba porn.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Alma Mater became Alba Matters. The number 1 sought-after thing on the internet for young people is porn, Like Jessica Alba? Are you saying kids search for Jessica Alba porn more than other porn? If so, this is a serious educational crisis. They need to expand their porn horizons.
Quote: Originally Posted by helo-flyer People keep bringing up stainless blades, however its been my understanding since about the age of 7 that stainless blades couldn't be sharpened, why would you ever spend the money?... Just thinking logically here. . . how is it possible that you can't sharpen stainless? The metal is so hard and durable and tough that once it is made it can't be damaged in any way? That really doesn't make any sense...
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