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There are so many threads on here complaining about Ebay. Yet, there is free competition from Craigslist. Why is Ebay still so widely used? Why hasn't everyone switched to Craigslist? Is the regional nature of Craigslist a deterent? What would you do to make Ebay better?
I don't drink any milk. It is better used in the production of cheese, yogurt, etc.
What about assholes that know they are more important than everyone else? Do you have a different opinion of them? Kind of like a small timer asshole versus big timer asshole. . .
Good point about the store bought pork. It never has any fat on it these days. I'll have to look around and see what is available.
^I'd be pretty lost without a stockpot of some sort.
Is back bacon cured and prepared the same way? I never see pork bellies available around here, but pork loin is always available and often on really good sales.
The bacon is really a great idea. Sounds very simple. . . is there a recipe for salt and cure?
Personally, a lot of the stuff (stockpots, braising pan, some of the sauce pans) are from restaurant supply stores. No idea what brand they are, but they take a beating. Lodge makes good cast iron. All Clad makes good sauce pans, saute pans, etc, but, I find their handles to be a bit awkward to hold. I've noticed a lot of consumer brands seem to be competing with All Clad by having better handles.
I've thought about dabbling in cheese making. I've done the quick cheese recipes before (results kind of like ricotta). Basically a pot of warm milk mixed with a touch of lemon juice creates the curds. Then drain it. Season it with salt to taste. I haven't been able to find any rennet near me though, so I've been kind of hesitant to take the next step and make proper cheese.
I thought it would be interesting to discuss what you consider to be necessary for a well stocked home kitchen. Things like materials, places to save money versus spend more, etc are important points to make. For this thread, let's discuss cookware choices. Here is what I consider important: 1 large stockpot, Al or stainless, 12 or 16 quart 1 small stockpot, Al or stainless 8 quart 1 cast iron dutch oven, 4 quart 1 cast iron skillet, 12 inch 1 stainless saute...
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