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Quote: Originally Posted by sunror a question: is there a reverse-goth culture, one that glorifies everything bright, everything happy? christmas decorations come to mind Martha Stewart?
Quote: Originally Posted by btlaxripper There are only a certain number of hours in a day This thread isn't about being a pompous dick about how you don't need to do all nighters because you are some all star manager, or how some other poster has a 4.0. Sometimes the crap piles on and on and you can't do anything about it, so in that situation you need to do an all nighter, so give the OP some advice on how to do so, or GTFO LOL
I studied at very good schools for both undergrad and b-school. I worked while going to b-school. I never pulled an all nighter. Sure, I was out of my apartment from like 6am to midnight most of the time, but I always got to go home and sleep. IME, people pulling all nighters are poor at managing. They can't manage their time effectively, they can't manage their teams effectively, they can't manage their bosses effectively, they can't manage their employees...
Quote: Originally Posted by JohnnyCrockett Is cash really right? If so, how much? I feel like cash is right if it's someone to whom I usually pay a tip of some sort...but to someone else it might just be condescending. I'm willing to be convinced otherwise... I can see how cash doesn't feel quite right often times. When I worked retail, I had some regular customers that would drop off fruit baskets, chocolates, or cookie assortments for me. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM you dont want to loose weight; you want to tight weight. Exactly. When you loosen the weight it jiggles more. Tighten the weight so it stays in place! Use a girdle.
A nice holiday card with some cash inside. Always appreciated!
What do you mean by safely? Do you mean safely as in not an active war zone? Or safely as in you can't read maps and thus have to stay on a well marked trail? If you have the skills to do it, the Boundary Waters in Minnesota is an amazing place to visit, but it will be "crowded" for the backcountry in the summer. In the winter, if you venture out more than a day or so, you should be totally isolated. Good opportunity to see wolves, moose, etc. Plan on dealing...
I'm underwhelmed. Most of those girls don't look very girly anymore. Which is strange. I have dated a lot of athletes, and most of them had managed to be fit, have a tight body, and still look like a woman.
You have to be more clever. Go up to her, and be kind of shy and bashful. Keep looking her in the eyes and smiling and then looking down. Say "you know, most girls aren't like you" She'll probably say something like "oh yeah? why do you say that" "cuz they have bodies that look like they'll go to shit after 1 or 2 kids, but your body looks like it will handle at least 7 or 8 kids" Women like to feel motherly.
"What do you want now???"
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