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I've been thinking about pickling some fish. It is pretty easy, vinegar/salt brine, fish, onions, and a fridge for a few days. . .
I object to the OP. Peking duck is delicious and wonderful ANY time of year. Why restrict it to only this time of year??? Also delicious is a duck egg omelet cooked in some of the duck fat.
Pretty sure it is from all the yeast and bread in such a small venue. Anyone else notice that Subway restaurants seem to be crammed into the tiniest of places? Does Panera have a certain odor to it?
Quote: Originally Posted by Dragon I don`t think general purpose Japanese knives are made for cutting lobster shells or things like bone. For that, you need a "Deba" (which is much more thick) or something like a Chinese cleaver. Even with the Deba the blade will chip every once in a while, so it may not be good to get an expensive one, but buy one at a more reasonable price and repair/replace if necessary. How many knives does a typical...
Milhouse. I'm perpetually 10 years old, have blue hair and yellow skin, and I'm a nerd.
6 inches? Really? Is this viral marketing from that small hands fast food commercial?
I may add New Jersey to the list I already posted. Pretty much anywhere else in the world is open for visiting in my mind.
Try telling your girlfriend that your friend is like a sister. Of course, it won't work, since it is logic and crazy chicks don't have a functioning logic control unit in their head.
Quote: Originally Posted by gin8u IMO, i think he paid them, as they look more like models than just friends. I wonder how much those two chicks charge for an hour.
What does it mean if I used the Selectric 2 all the time (I guess it was actually a Selectric II)? Am I too young for this crowd?
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