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Well, ignoring childhood stuff, I'm way down the road on plans. . . I'll simplify: Plan A was university researcher Plan B was university professor (I didn't want to teach unless forced) Plan C was private sector researcher The prereq? A PhD. . .which I don't have Turns out I couldn't afford to live on the kind of pay science provides. So I went to Plan D. . . luck and chance It turns out relying on luck and chance is far more lucrative than being a...
Quote: Originally Posted by voxsartoria Is "dim sum" code for something? - B Yes it is code, good eye! Dim sum is part of a VBA script. It is for declaring a variable named sum.
First, brush your damn teeth. WTF man? Your hair makes you look stupid? How about your dirty damned teeth making you look stupid? Second, get a buzzcut. Hair style issues solved! Buzzcuts are quite stylish. Third, I used to put some sour apple stuff on my dog's paw when he injured it. It kept him from licking the wound open. I suggest you go to a pet shop, by some of that stuff, and put it under your finger nails.
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I'd move on because putting her in a situation where she'd give up her pets for you would be a source of contention between the two of you, which she'd most likely resent you for what she had to do. Yep, one of you is going to be upset with the other. Either she'll be angry about getting rid of the cats or you'll be angry every time the allergist stabs you with a needle.
Quote: Originally Posted by foodguy i'm with sd1 on the oily fish on the grill thing: if you have a good japanese grocery near you, you can usually find whole fresh sardines and mackerel. they're terrific grilled and really easy. as for pickling fish, google sarde en saor ... or pm me. it's a venetian dish where you fry sardines (can do with anchovies), then pickle them overnight with pinenuts and raisins. killer stuff. Damn, sounds good. ...
I've been thinking about pickling some fish. It is pretty easy, vinegar/salt brine, fish, onions, and a fridge for a few days. . .
I object to the OP. Peking duck is delicious and wonderful ANY time of year. Why restrict it to only this time of year??? Also delicious is a duck egg omelet cooked in some of the duck fat.
Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt A little more effort, a little more thought and a little less prejudice, and you might not be wrong so often. Some of us don't understand subtle hints. Could you please elaborate and be more direct? Thanks!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad Maybe it is a b-school thing, and I admit it's a field I know very little about. But as others have pointed out, at least in law, which is the field I know best, work in a government regulatory or enforcement agency is on balance a big plus factor in seeking private employment. I can definitely see the advantages to having former regulatory folks in a law environment. What I see happen is more like...
Pretty sure it is from all the yeast and bread in such a small venue. Anyone else notice that Subway restaurants seem to be crammed into the tiniest of places? Does Panera have a certain odor to it?
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