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Quote: Originally Posted by JonHecht I took ambien once and I hallucinated that my bed was a raft on a river. I had a mug next to my bed with some monkees on it. They came alive and started swinging alongside me. Damn, my hallucinations weren't anywhere near that intense. I laid in bed, my bed felt like it was moving slightly, like swaying, and then everything that is normally still in my bedroom was moving a bit. Swaying I guess. Like it...
Quote: Originally Posted by taktikz not roids man, I mean Cycling as riding a bicycle. lol Roids = too many sides. LOL, when you put "bodybuilder" and "cycle" into a sentence it means anabolics.
I took Ambien daily for a couple of years. My tolerance was high enough that I was also prescribed various benzos to stack on top of it if I couldn't sleep. I experienced no downsides to the drug. There was zero sleepwalking. Zero sleepdriving. Zero other crap. I strongly suspect that the strange effects occurred with recreational doses or mixtures of ambien with other, probably recreational, drugs. Only during the first few doses I ever took did I experience...
Quote: Originally Posted by dustin Reduce drinking excessive tea or coffee. I don't understand this, it makes absolutely no sense to me. These liquids are the very foundation of life!
Quote: Originally Posted by Reggs Is there any use for duck in place of a ham hock? I want to make a lot of soup/stews over the next month. I've never had a sufficient quantity of duck to use like that. But, I bet lots of duck carcasses could make a pretty interesting stock.
Is bone marrow a variety meat? Nothing better than scooping the marrow out of osso bucco.
Oh, I remember reading the ingredients on some popular brand of prepackaged chorizo sold in the US. It was mostly salivary glands and lymph nodes.
I've eaten a lot of stuff. Beef tongue is one of my favorites. Really amazing flavor and texture when cooked properly. Intestines are also a favorite for two reasons: natural casing sausage, and deep fried intestine rings. I like most organ meat as well. One thing I've never tried is pig's feet. I've had chicken feet though.
Quote: Originally Posted by KenN No idiotic assumptions here. Question though (purely for curiosity's sake), what operating systems have you used, and why were all of them crap? Pretty close to all of them I'd guess. Short list: MSDOS Windows Mac OS OS/2 a whole lot of *nix variants (Solaris, Linux, AIX, BSD, etc). And like I said before, that doesn't include embedded systems and such. Each one has good parts and bad parts. ...
REI calls themselves a coop. I get a rebate each year based on how much I spent. That sums up my experiences. Hope it helps.
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