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Quote: Originally Posted by oman HAHAHA hilarious thread the rule of thumb i go by with torrents is that they sometimes work, and they sometimes dont you can go more advanced than that, but good luck figuring out how to open your ports (hahaha) or (god forbid) actually reading this guy's terribly dull analogy: I noticed how fantastic your explanation was. You win the interwebs!
I generally just ask "how much is this?" and see if they think it is a mistake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer I think you can run three monitors with current technology. The ATI Radeon 5xxx series video cards feature something called Eyefinity, which permits you to run three monitors independently. Personally I think most people will opt for multiples of three when it comes to multi-monitor setups. This permits one screen to act as dead center, with the others in the wings. If you're a gamer, you want your crosshairs...
The most formal and most romantic possible way to propose is to take her to Universal Studios and pop the question right when Jaws comes out of the water.
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn I don't know dude. So far I've had to move my eyes and mouse a lot more, whereas I could see everything in the 19" without having to refocus much. The way I often think about it is dividing the screen real estate into two areas. . . Functional and Reference I need to DO something, like work in Excel, so I want a nice big piece of screen for what I am doing, without scrolling and changing the...
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkNWorn Bigger != Better, especially if you don't game much. I haven't fired up Battlefield 2 or Counter Strike in years. But, working in excel is noice. I don't game at all. Bigger is better for monitor real estate. Using two monitors is pretty good. I think that is probably at the sweet spot in the value curve.
Some more good advice about driving: Leave plenty of space (a car length is a good starting point) between you and the car in front of you at a stop light. Even more space on a hill. I've seen and been involved in accidents where a chain reaction occurs because some jackass hits the last car in a line at the light and then 5 cars get smashed as a result. Also, sometimes cars don't get traction and start to slide back down hills. It can happen suddenly. If you...
Quote: Originally Posted by Artisan Fan Money would be well spent to greenlight many nuclear plants. That would have the most impact. Thank you! Nuclear is clean and efficient. We should stop allowing new licenses for coal or gas fired power plants and going forward only allow licenses for clean and efficient forms of energy like nuclear.
And obviously, bit torrent technology is only used for the sharing of open source, publicly licensed, types of material. . . e.g. linux ISO images and other such software under licenses like GPL.
Well, here is a basic explanation using an analogy. Imagine that I have a book that you want. I can send you one page at a time. I can also send one page at a time to some other people. This would be a serial distribution. One page at a time, in order to each person requesting the book. A torrent splits the book up into pages as well. But instead of requesting only one page at a time from one person, a torrent requests one sort of random page from every person...
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