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Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS And there's so many qualities that constitute "gifted" that are either unmeasurable or are underappreciated. I'm thinking, specifically, about creative/artistic intelligence as well as leadership. The leadership quality that I am referring to is especially vague, but it is ultimately manifested in the workforce after the child is out of school and is an adult, but it is still a very a very important quality at a time when...
Quote: Originally Posted by why It's not as funny. Fine, then use the chemical name so it seems more legit.
Quote: Originally Posted by why Sugar pills. Use the proper name damnit.
I have a very simple metric that I would like to propose for determining whether a girl is above your "Chunkiness Threshold Value©" (CTV) I am designing a special 2 by 2 matrix that consultants can use during client engagements as well. For now, here is the "Chunkiness Threshold Rating System©": Do you get an erection when you see the girl naked? If yes, don't worry. If no, then she is over your CTV©
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Not all things can be solved by ... the government. May god have mercy on us all!!!!
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy iirc, Senior Calculus, Algebra, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics were all needed to get into Engineering or Science, so (at my school, at least), people took those classes in droves. But things may be different now (I graduated from high school in 1993.) Of course, I'm also surprised by how many students manage to fail freshmen math. My high school pushed vocational programs quite a bit and military...
Wait, that doesn't make any sense. What are the two definitions of "bisexual" then?
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy We all took Calculus and Physics in High School, and none of us did any "extra" work. We just did the work that was expected of everyone. I'm really working to remember here. . . I think 3 years of high school mathematics were required for a diploma. Algebra, geometry, and algebra 2. Trig and calculus were offered. But to fit in 5 years of mathematics in 4 years meant doing extra work before high...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I was "gifted" or some shit in elementry and middle school, even though my grades sucked. Do you know what it does for you? You do extra work, that's it. True. I just remember I needed to do all kinds of extra work a year early so that I would be able to take things like calculus and physics during my senior year of high school.
I always hope that each generation is smarter than the last. Each generation must find ways to condense the cumulative lessons learned and teach that to the next generation as quickly as possible. That way the new generation can focus on generating new knowledge. Standing on the shoulders of giants. . .
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