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Hmm, hire someone to kick his ass? Pay the police to kick his ass? Pay the police to give you a gun?
It seems like a variation of this thread is started every month or two. Really kind of depressing that so many people stick to themselves and don't realize that if they are lonely and want to meet other people that perhaps there are other people that are lonely and want to meet other people. . .
Ok, so cut glass directs liquid better? Is it about the flow of the liquid being more or less laminar?
I'm curious about the lip of the glass and why so many people claim cut glass is better than a rolled edge.
Quote: Originally Posted by tor It's funny, my brother's good friend is blind I hardly think blindness is funny.
Quote: Originally Posted by Teacher You misrepresented one point. I'm sure it was unintentional. Well, there is that line of work at home too. I was referring to forwarding packages for credit card scammers. Quite profitable. Then of course, there is cashing checks in your own account. . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Dburr As of now I'm tens of millions behind simply because I've refused to accept my money from Liberia. There is a good way to earn it back. You can work from home to do it!!! All you need to do is accept shipments at your home, relabel them and fill out customs forms, and then ship them out of the US. You will be given a shipping account to use and paid well for your service.
I can't believe that anyone would be so crude as to live in their parents' house just so they can afford designer clothing! Sickening.
Quote: Originally Posted by HedgeFundHotSHot The potenial perpetrator's second guess that you're not worth his effort? Clearly. Why is there a second guess? For example, I often walk around in foreign countries with an SLR camera. The take could be quite good. Yet no one has tried.
I've never been approached for a scam, nor has anyone ever tried to pick my pockets. I often wonder what separates me from the targets.
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