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Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy We all took Calculus and Physics in High School, and none of us did any "extra" work. We just did the work that was expected of everyone. I'm really working to remember here. . . I think 3 years of high school mathematics were required for a diploma. Algebra, geometry, and algebra 2. Trig and calculus were offered. But to fit in 5 years of mathematics in 4 years meant doing extra work before high...
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason I was "gifted" or some shit in elementry and middle school, even though my grades sucked. Do you know what it does for you? You do extra work, that's it. True. I just remember I needed to do all kinds of extra work a year early so that I would be able to take things like calculus and physics during my senior year of high school.
I always hope that each generation is smarter than the last. Each generation must find ways to condense the cumulative lessons learned and teach that to the next generation as quickly as possible. That way the new generation can focus on generating new knowledge. Standing on the shoulders of giants. . .
While it can be used both ways, IME, most people use it for every two weeks. . . e.g. biweekly pay periods.
Quote: Originally Posted by cminor Assuming Eason isn't Chinese, what you suggested isnt going to work. And if Eason is Chinese he would probably know how to solve these problems Would the vehicular assault or arson suggestions work?
Inform the police that he is trying to recruit people for a pro-Tibet group that wants to spread anti-Chinese propaganda via the internet. I imagine the problem will disappear shortly thereafter.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eason The only idea I have involves construction workers, but the problem is that he (normally) lives outside of Beijing in another city, and I have no idea where he is. I have to admit that I really like the simplicity of your idea. Paying some construction workers to bury this guy in the concrete foundation of a building will probably work really well.
Run him over with a car.
Burn his damn house down.
Alcohol makes me feel pretty good. So does coffee.
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