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Quote: Originally Posted by iammatt I am sure this is true, as it is true in all other fields. For example, in a kitchen you might learn a trick to peel tomatoes more quickly, and a trick to disguise the stench of rotten meat. They are not similar, despite the fact that the word used is the same. Likewise, in "Climategate" the relevant word is not trick, but what comes after it: I've just completed Mike's Nature trick of adding in the real temps to...
Quote: Originally Posted by Thomas Has this thread gotten smarter? Of coarse. Your asking crazy questions.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I'd be more impressed if he were listening to the band, Television. I'd be most impressed if he was googling Jessica Alba porn.
Quote: Originally Posted by kwiteaboy True, but I doubt "trick" is one of those words. The way the passage was written was condescending, and that's what made it funny. You'd be surprised at how often we use "trick" in scientific circles.
Quote: Originally Posted by Man Of Lint Alma Mater became Alba Matters. The number 1 sought-after thing on the internet for young people is porn, Like Jessica Alba? Are you saying kids search for Jessica Alba porn more than other porn? If so, this is a serious educational crisis. They need to expand their porn horizons.
Quote: Originally Posted by helo-flyer People keep bringing up stainless blades, however its been my understanding since about the age of 7 that stainless blades couldn't be sharpened, why would you ever spend the money?... Just thinking logically here. . . how is it possible that you can't sharpen stainless? The metal is so hard and durable and tough that once it is made it can't be damaged in any way? That really doesn't make any sense...
Some of the threads in the past have touched on how "eating locally" is the best way to go. In addition, the sausage thread got me to think more about preserving food, but in a foodie kind of way. Unfortunately, eating locally means starving or preserving food for the winter in northern climates. Personally, I know how to make sauerkraut, pickles, and jam. That is it (none of those are difficult either). I'm not real keen on eating a diet of that for several months...
Quote: Originally Posted by tagutcow I wouldn't expect many believers to feel that God necessarily agrees with their vote in the bottom boob vs. side boob poal, however. You'd be wrong. God clearly prefers bottom boob, and He will smite those that disagree with Him!
I like espresso with sugar usually. I do drink regular coffee too, and for that I like the medium roasts from Colombia. Either with sugar, or with milk.
Quote: Originally Posted by thekunk07 X1000000. no asshole would sit at their desk reading a magazine. nothing gets done anymore. Bzzzt sorry. Plenty of assholes sit at their desks with magazines or newspapers. A call center I worked at in college noticed that more and more day shift employees were bringing crap like that. The official stance was that it was ok if it didn't affect sales. Guess what? It affected sales. Banned all...
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