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Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson Nah dawg, this is for a baller Bordelaise sauce. Hmm, the joke didn't come through, but that's ok. How do you make bordelaise?
Quote: Originally Posted by HORNS I have an uncle who keeps money buried in his back yard. He also used to keep his money in an empty ice cream container in his deep freeze. He can't comprehend the concept of FDIC. yeah, uh. . . wow, what crazy ideas. . . yeah who would keep money in their yard! crazy. . .
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson 3# of marrow bones. You like eating that much marrow?
LLC is going to depend on the state, but most are really simple if you are actually a sole proprietor. You file a basic articles of organization with your secretary of state. This will cost $100 or so and can probably be done via a website. Generally, in this case, you'd be taxed once. . . e.g. all gains or losses are passed from the LLC to your personal tax return. You could set up for double taxation if you wanted (tax for the biz, then tax on your...
Quote: Originally Posted by mensimageconsultant Might the problem with autopsy be that it's harder to make the deceased look presentable for a service? Any doubts about how important people consider appearance should be dispelled by the effort spent prettying up dead bodies.
Quote: Originally Posted by Davidko19 ^^^ dafuk???!?!?! Did she bang all the creeps at the porn shop or what? Sounds like a deal breaker to me. Yeah, that is a definite deal breaker in my mind. Also, it would be cause for lots of testing. . .
Quote: Originally Posted by oman HAHAHA hilarious thread the rule of thumb i go by with torrents is that they sometimes work, and they sometimes dont you can go more advanced than that, but good luck figuring out how to open your ports (hahaha) or (god forbid) actually reading this guy's terribly dull analogy: I noticed how fantastic your explanation was. You win the interwebs!
I generally just ask "how much is this?" and see if they think it is a mistake.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ace Rimmer I think you can run three monitors with current technology. The ATI Radeon 5xxx series video cards feature something called Eyefinity, which permits you to run three monitors independently. Personally I think most people will opt for multiples of three when it comes to multi-monitor setups. This permits one screen to act as dead center, with the others in the wings. If you're a gamer, you want your crosshairs...
The most formal and most romantic possible way to propose is to take her to Universal Studios and pop the question right when Jaws comes out of the water.
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