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Ran 1.5 miles at 10 min pace last night after workout, which isn't bad for me since I never run any "distance", had only planned to go 1 and felt like i could have done more. Knees hurt today though, seems to happen every time I jump on a treadmill anymore
I wish... Do I even lift?
Is Eason being serious? I can't tell. Also, somehow yesterday, instead of TRT I ended up with a prescription to an SSRI. Based on my own research, I don't plan to take it...
Keep trying. I didn't even know there was a cheat version. Also, I got a new high score after I posted that.*edit* Just noticed the cheat version doesn't give you the keep playing option. Lame.
Dat shirt *sigh* Looks good tho. I've had to sew back on two buttons, one is loose right now that I need to sure up. Not a big deal really.
No. I'm aware that's the game it (1024) is based on.
Skipped lifting today... do you even 2048?
Code: [video]viiideeooooo linkkksskkkkk[/video]
Any good resources, books/forums/etc., for learning about this stuff? It's very cool.
phaggot probably always skips leg day too
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