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I wish... Do I even lift?
Is Eason being serious? I can't tell. Also, somehow yesterday, instead of TRT I ended up with a prescription to an SSRI. Based on my own research, I don't plan to take it...
Keep trying. I didn't even know there was a cheat version. Also, I got a new high score after I posted that.*edit* Just noticed the cheat version doesn't give you the keep playing option. Lame.
Dat shirt *sigh* Looks good tho. I've had to sew back on two buttons, one is loose right now that I need to sure up. Not a big deal really.
No. I'm aware that's the game it (1024) is based on.
Skipped lifting today... do you even 2048?
Code: [video]viiideeooooo linkkksskkkkk[/video]
Any good resources, books/forums/etc., for learning about this stuff? It's very cool.
phaggot probably always skips leg day too
Fell back asleep, but caught up. Still trying to figure out what to do, not something I wanted to have to do, might try it though to be honest. Won't be touching gels. It's hard to imagine a scenario in which extra test wouldn't make you feel better, so I just need to figure out what's adequate. I googled the stroke thing and found a newspaper article that referenced a study done on men in a much higher risk category for those issues than me anyways...
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