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Yea, but I dont think Dan is natty. He clearing took a bunch of muscle ballooning anabolics so argument invalid.
Aromasin seems harder to obtain. Still trying to figure out what I want to do with TRT being indecisive... totally different decision though really.Even if ER is in network, some of the doctors or nurses could be out of network. srs
PCT if they come off... how long you planning to run it then? What are you using for PCT, nolvadex? Doc said I shouldn't use clomid...
Why p? Is is really worth it to pin that much more? Do you plan to cruise indefinitely now? Are you worried about your balls shutting down?
Now when you say 3 strips, I assume you mean pounds?
My plan is $0/month and I already hit my deductible this year
create a sock account or pm an admin (LA Guy, emptym)...
Das it mane
Yea but TK's got good genetics
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