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Do you have a soure to backup that program? Jk, will do, thanks. No trx but I do have tow straps which are the same damn thing...
When I flex I see them some, but I have that thing you see on skinny guys where it sinks in on the sides and they look narrow, unless that will fix itself when I lean out too. Thinking I should forgo a strong taper and work oblique to help balance out my pelvis and just go for a thick look.
Can someone give me ab routine to add to PPL I'm doing. Going to have cavity where abs should be after this cut I think Thread so hostile this morning.
I just want to look like iham as soon as they let me out of auschwitz
Haven't lost weight in 2 months. I'm such a little bitch
Doh should have waited...
Also mark is manlet so that's an auto -2
TK aware me on your direct ab work please. Think you may have posted it before but not sure where it is.
Why would that credit just disappear?
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