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Well if he enjoys running, he'll probably enjoy the prostate exam too. Certified phaggot.More seriously, it's interesting to see how rhet's view on gear has changed in the past year.
No AD pinpoint spread. No monkey-arm pinpoint spread. No AD monkey-arm pinpoint spread. Ok then...
Well based on Charly's post, I'm thinking there's no reason I don't at least get a script to it... I don't even have to take it, but having access when I want (albeit to smaller doses) is kind of nice. Already hit my deductible this year, so it would be super cheap.
Are you concerned with infertility or becoming reliant on it for the rest of your life? I still haven't made up my mind... no rush though I guess.
Sounds close to accurate, probably more like 6 months. Haven't actually made any progress so far this year.
#bodyweightfitnessDid you take out squats when you could do 25 air squats too?
So you were cool with him sitting on your chest but touching your bar is where you draw the line?
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