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Now when you say 3 strips, I assume you mean pounds?
My plan is $0/month and I already hit my deductible this year
create a sock account or pm an admin (LA Guy, emptym)...
Das it mane
Yea but TK's got good genetics
Ran 1.5 miles at 10 min pace last night after workout, which isn't bad for me since I never run any "distance", had only planned to go 1 and felt like i could have done more. Knees hurt today though, seems to happen every time I jump on a treadmill anymore
I wish... Do I even lift?
Is Eason being serious? I can't tell. Also, somehow yesterday, instead of TRT I ended up with a prescription to an SSRI. Based on my own research, I don't plan to take it...
Keep trying. I didn't even know there was a cheat version. Also, I got a new high score after I posted that.*edit* Just noticed the cheat version doesn't give you the keep playing option. Lame.
Dat shirt *sigh* Looks good tho. I've had to sew back on two buttons, one is loose right now that I need to sure up. Not a big deal really.
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