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About an hour south of there in the middle-of-nowhereville
Will be there too, MD side though. Escape what will likely be 110+ degree days out here...
When in June?
Scottsdale. Added bonus of being in GOAT state. Although it's nothing like NYC/LA or even Boston if that's what you're going for...
You still have?
Seems like you could squat correctly and add heavy leg presses or squat high and add glute bridges... both options seem to address your concern.
What is your target weight KJ? You definitely lost a bit in the midsection, probably some in your legs too which you can't see in these pics. I know my legs were leaning out before everything else. Weighed in at 168 this morning. I've lost 2 pounds so far this year... the "cut" continues...
or thesesorce:
I think we know what happened here.
Make sure all extensions are disabled, particularly ad blockers. Try a different browser, such as IE. Might help.
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