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What is your target weight KJ? You definitely lost a bit in the midsection, probably some in your legs too which you can't see in these pics. I know my legs were leaning out before everything else. Weighed in at 168 this morning. I've lost 2 pounds so far this year... the "cut" continues...
or thesesorce: http://forum.bodybuilding.com/showthread.php?t=161352573
I think we know what happened here.
Make sure all extensions are disabled, particularly ad blockers. Try a different browser, such as IE. Might help.
Dick GungGung
Sorry, you're right. It's probably just HIV and not AIDS yet. Should be able to kick it witin a week with some antibiotics though.
You might want to consider amputation before the AIDS infection spreads to your left side too.
Tooch quit being a grammer nazi
Summary viewDamn bro, do you even styleforum?
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