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Yute be surprised by how popular those are in some places, mate.
GM is not shit by a long shot, they have a couple decent offerings off right now... just stop being a girl and loading up your keychain with little plastic troll dolls How much more expensive are policies though?
Guys, if you just ignore the terrible interiors, everything made in the 80s, and almost everything made in the 90s and 00s, chevy really isn't that bad Nothing can be more soul sucking than driving a camry. Conceptionist, GM owns opel.
Buy 'murican cars you commie phaggots semi-srs The 3 series I had for a few years was nice. Also would have bought a taco over my Colorado if they weren't so much more expensive.
Screw you guys and your hair
That's like my life man
It's not bad for a Nissan.
One of these [[SPOILER]] and I have one of these [[SPOILER]] And then a couple more but not that I drive
NYC sounds rough... my house is less than your studios... and I'm sure food and everything else is much, much less too. I already feel poor, could not imagine living there...
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