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Egg whites in a carton aren't raw though, right? They've been processed/pasteurized or whatever else...
the fuck is wrong with all you?
Didn't read it all, just wanted to make sure he knew.
Mauro have you seen this recent reddit thread? Raw feedback from your reddit crew, that came before the discussion in this thread went down, so it should be largely unbiased from anything said here.
wtf...Ordered this morning, been a few hours, no shipping confirmation, ensue panic. Think they scammed you bro. Better file the charge back now.
Nor do I have 720 sir Especially with a looming viberg x SF derby mto... very, very tempting.The Schneider "Miami" sweater in white/gray. With all the cool square thingies
That's a good point for sure. I only bring it up because he said EG is his competition and because he has wrote off some feedback as not being in line with his aesthetic vision, which is quite possible but I'm not sure we have a clear view of what that is. Anyways, I don't want to sugar coat my feedback for brownie points with Mauro, even if I'm in the minority, I hope it promotes worthwhile and productive discussion. I want to see him succeed and grow like everyone else...
I wasn't saying they did different/special production techniques. Regardless, I know thats what Mauro is talking about, which is actually what I was pointing out as I don't think that's the issue he's running into. I see his shirts as better fitting upscale j. crew shirts, and as such I would never pay "retail" for wolf vs goat.
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