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o he a powerlifter now?
That's like 1/3 the cost of geobaskets, what a steal!
I photoshopped its hand onto an ipad instead.
Can confirm having obese parents actually is embarrassing and junior does care
Have any white people posted a fit of the khaki floral? no racist. I'm on the fence.
Tomb raider provided a nice stop gap while I wait for the next uncharted. Uncharted series is so awesome.
My knees started aching shortly after adopting k-star style toes forward. I now point them outwards. YMMV
On a relative equivalency scale, how many "Hirsh"es would you say are equal to one Isachenko?
I didn't acknowledge your other 537 posts. You're welcome. Back to lurking for me.
New Posts  All Forums: