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Also mark is manlet so that's an auto -2
TK aware me on your direct ab work please. Think you may have posted it before but not sure where it is.
Why would that credit just disappear?
Another thought I had about the rewards member program, Teger mentioned a subscription based model earlier. If you really just use it for large cash infusion up front, what about a $100 (or $200) buy in for $50 (or $100) store credit plus membership with a $100 annual fee that includes $100 store credit. It would prompt your rewards members to remain active and give you a continued source of cash. This shouldn't be overly offensive to current members and would really only...
Egg whites in a carton aren't raw though, right? They've been processed/pasteurized or whatever else...
the fuck is wrong with all you?
Didn't read it all, just wanted to make sure he knew.
Mauro have you seen this recent reddit thread? Raw feedback from your reddit crew, that came before the discussion in this thread went down, so it should be largely unbiased from anything said here. http://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/comments/1xd44e/brand_lovehate_wolf_vs_goat_feb_8th_2014/
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