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That's because he's Asian
Dunno, what would Dan Green say phaggot? jk
Sounds like a lot of work when you can just post here asking for sizing advice.
cg bench in particular has been best bench builder for me, along with increased tricep work in general. Also, I'm down 3lb (lowest recorded ever so far) over 3 days of moderate-carb primarily fast food diet after 3 day binge drinking this weekend. How? It can't be three pounds of fat, but doesn't seem like I'd lose that much water when I came home same weight I left... maybe I lost lots of gains Have not back squatted all year. Currently front squatting only for 3x5x160...
Dunno length... 6-6'15
This just showed up today. It's pretty nice, but was really cropped. Going to have to return it I think
34 weeks... should I submit measurements yet?
Do you have a soure to backup that program? Jk, will do, thanks. No trx but I do have tow straps which are the same damn thing...
When I flex I see them some, but I have that thing you see on skinny guys where it sinks in on the sides and they look narrow, unless that will fix itself when I lean out too. Thinking I should forgo a strong taper and work oblique to help balance out my pelvis and just go for a thick look.
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