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Can we get some updated pics conceptionist? I believe you, but don't feel like waiting until end of your bulk
What is your experience/protocol for restoring the metabolisn? I've been at 1800 my entire cut, except the last two months where I've dicked around and weight loss slowed a lot (still only eating in the low 2000s though). Been getting a lot of carb cravings lately too Sitting just under 170, which is where I gave up last time, having a hard time breaking through this final wall (all mental of course, lack of will power and focus, no excuses there...).
If your lbm was 180, Mark, you'd be 10% bf right now.
In the mornings/lunch if I remember. Yohimbine in evening before cardio occasionally. I haven't been consistent with anything lately to be honest.
How much do you take? Do you stack with caffeine? Have tried using like 15mg in the past and don't feel anything...
What did Charly say when you emailed him?
Not for me. Would be nice for something else to be legalized though
Why even monitored? It's no one's job but your own to ensure your own safety. As far as I'm concerned just about everything, excepting things like antibiotics where free distribution would cause public harm via resistant bacteria, should be legal provided potential risks and side effects are clearly made known. inb4 dependence and addiction
lol. just lol...
Does anyone know who makes shoes for Peter Millar?Doesn't look like anything special to me, not sure if this picture helps. [[SPOILER]]
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