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Yea, I can, doc said so but that he wouldn't recommend it. Going to talk to him. I assume his issue is mostly my age... but I struggle to see what putting it off for 5 or whatever years would do. Levels were at low 500s when prolactin first came down, more recently back in high 300s, which is garbage. And once you're already not natty... the possibilities
to trt or not to trt what do rhet?
The black/red colorway is like the ugly chick that tags along with her hot friends. The whites were an 8/10 before, but now they're a dime piece. Genius, props to Adidas.
Breakfast at 5am? wtf...
16% bro
I'm sorry... what's the issue here?
Why Eason?
Yes, I own one, use it...
reedo did you gain weight? what's your chest measurement?
Why you hatin' bro?
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