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I'm a much better person when I'm drunk. Friendlier and happier.
The house you posted pictures of is still actively listed for sale.Off-white, but yes. Going to sell it soon and buy a bike.
pics or negsHere's my garage... [[SPOILER]]
How big is your garage? Shit fills up fast...
A lot of shirts I never even seen released in my size... (M AD monkey arm... feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I hardly ever see anything)
Guys, play Far Cry.Shame about the xbone, might have picked one up if they had launched that way, but too late now since I have a ps4.
writing paychecks
Roofie yourself
You do not have worse love handles than me The struggle.You buying a house? Is that by yourself? All I'm gonna say is unless you plan on popping out a few kids soon... buy a smaller place.
Wait, what did i miss? Charly on carbs now too?
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