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No, it doesn't. That's illegal. If you powdercoat wheels, they could void warranty on the finish of your wheels I suppose, but when has that ever been someone's problem? Or just run the car till it's out of warranty and then do whatever you want.Just reread, you said aftermarket... so yea usually that's not covered even if the dealer does it unless you use some upgrade specifically sanctioned by the manufacturer.
Why? You do understand there's absolutely no point to this, right? Total waste of time.Debadge and powder coat your wheels. Although plastidip should do what you want.urine idiotPersonally, I don't understand the guys that do nothing but wash and wax their cars and drive it to the show on Sundays. Boring. Where's the fun? Where's the joy of ownership? Where's personalizing the car to make it your own? I'm not saying your way is wrong, but different strokes for different...
c5 z06. I posted a picture before. Coilovers not allowed in scca street class for me.
Didn't know you went to same gym as fuji...Wish that was all I spent... tires and sway bar in the mail still.
What kind of dream car could you possibly buy for that kind of money?
Still trying to figure out if she has autism or he does. It really changes the story.
Might not want to paste long sections of text unless you intended to give away your full name and employer.Speaking of jobs, I'd love to switch it up My job is just incredibly boring and not challenging, and I don't get tasked with enough work. No chance I spend more than 30 hours in the office a week. I get compensated well and plenty of room for advancement, so it's really hard to move away from it, but I don't really want to make a life of this either.
Good for you. Do you want a cookie?
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