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+ 35 = 21702
Received three compliments wearing Aventus last week and yesterday. I got my 30ml decant of Guerlain: Tonka Imperiale which I have been awaiting eagerly the past weeks. Half an hour in, the initial penicillin(?)-blast is gone. Sweet, but not overbearingly or cloying. I Have a cold though, so I might get another impression in a few days.
Not in because I own the big bottle already, but I urge you to participate in this split! The drydown is heavenly.
30 yesterday, 55 today+ 85 = 21166
Unbearably hot, yes.The Different Company: Sel de Vetiver
Five days no exercising, the pullups were no problem at all today.+50 = 20956
My Norwegian half is actually pretty funny, but comes only into the picture when I'm strongly intoxicated. Oh wait.+ 10 = 19796
Why exactly?+ 50 = 19646
Well, Im able to run the 15km without a problem and think that Im still in pretty good shape, but I need to prepare for the upcoming season, especially in regard to speed/swiftness. Regular jogging for 15km would surely improve my endurance, but not my tempo that much, wouldn't it?I have no access to treadmills for the time being, unfortunately.Thanks for squat jump-advice, sounds like a good idea!
INTERVAL TRAINING 1,5 years ago I fractured my arm during a handball game. The metal plate was recently removed and now the doctors said that I'm good to go. I've done some running and training at home in the last year, but nothing really serious. I really want to start playing again, although handball is a very physical sport and severe injuries are nothing out of the ordinary. In the past, I ran about 15km three times a week, but I guess interval training would be...
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