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I've been thinking of putting this one on my test list. What do you think of Lumiere Noir or MFK in general, guys?Frederic Malle: En Passant
Yes.Gucci Pour Homme IIBlindbuy for 30€, could not resist. I like it so far, very subtle and yet relatively longlasting.
Belated best wishes, L'Inc! I am at home today and therefore wearing Muscs Koublai Khan which I came to enjoy after some time.
If I click on the unread posts button, it just directs me to the last post in that thread. As it seems other members have experienced this too, eg NOBD? However, I do not read threads by going through my subscriptions, but by browsing the different fora.
I absolutely agree with you. The constant listing of "your favourite christmas scent, favourite Creed, favourite Oud" etc is incredibly bothering. The scents are not discussed at all for the most part. Then some fragrances are hyped like there is now tomorrow, for instance Aventus. Now I enjoy this one quite a bit, but the gushing praise it gets is just upsetting. As of now the Aventus-Batch-Numbers Thread has 1402 responses. And the scent is disc... well, mostly listed as...
I like Vanille, but I am a sucker for vanilla scents. It is nowhere as sweet as Tobacco Vanille , with a nice orange note lingering along for a few hours. Longevity is good, about 8h on me. From what I remember I'd call it a pretty complex fragrance, there are notes I can't really put my finger on. Woods maybe?I'll give it a sniff again this evening.I have not worn anything but Tonka Imperiale and some Musc Ravageur the last couple of weeks.
And Norway is filthy rich. Apart from that, we Scandinavians are all 7'0 raging alcoholics. ok, ok.
Nice! EnjoyDzing! today. Again. I am really thankful you guys weighed in last time I was deciding whether I should get it or Méchant Loup. It really is something. I might order ML next spring, though.I am also wearing Diptyque: Philosykos on my wrist for the first time. Green and with prominent fig notes, very creamy.
+ 60 + 110 = 4389711 sets of 10 pullups without any difficulties yesterday. I am really improving. But then again, I did nothing else.
50 + 70 = 42372
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