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I've been wearing them a little higher on the waist, so I think the 48 is the way to go.
They still have the long rise and a little bit of volume in the top.The taper definitely isn't as aggressive as previous versions though, but that's also because I asked her to leave a little more room for my calves. I'm sure if you tell Peir your thigh measurement she can make something work. Are you guys going to go TTS for the Tourist shirt or size down? I'm debating a 46 or 48...
I own the AW16 Yamada pants in the breathable nylon fabric. The fabric has a kind of crinkled texture and you wouldn't immediately think nylon when you saw it. They're super lightweight and will be great for most temperatures. I own them in a 46 and the cut is best described as a slim straight. I'd definitely recommend them. From Peir: "Iā€™m glad the final production for the trouser nylon came out much softer than the initial sample fabric used for the sales prototype, so...
I ended up getting these, but they're a little too large for me. let me know if you're interested before I list them on b&s.
I want to say those are actually Haider Ackermann pants.
Who stocked those? They are
It's a combination of bad hardware and too long of a zipper. It feels like a cheap plastic zipper that is pretty much unusable (it took me over a minute to zip the first time I put the coat on). I took it to my tailor and he's going to replace it with a shorter metal two-way zipper
Does the zipper length on the B3 coat really bother anyone else? It's far too long making the coat exceedingly difficult to zip. Otherwise the coat is quite nice. It fits a little oversized and is very warm.
Is anyone checking out the Alexandre Plokhov sample sale today or tomorrow in NYC? Please let me know if you're willing to proxy.
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