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I have one and like it quite a bit. It is a tad too big IMHO, but I still think it is beautiful - the pie pan dial is really nice. I have numerous watches and only wear this one when really dressing up.
Love the Meermin boots.
Those are nice.
Damn, those are some nice trousers!
Very good condition, I just find myself wearing more boots these days. Well maintained and worn carefully. I can take more pics if necessary. Shipped USPS Priority Also have a pair of of PTB version, also in shell cordovan that I may sell. PTB's are sold *I added extreme close-ups of each toe to show slight "imperfections". They aren't gouged in the slightest. Most of what is seen in the last pic is light and flash - the imperfection is those 4-5 vertical marks.
Brown Suede Shortwings - UK 9 / US 10 - Charles Tyrwhitt Made in England. Fantastic shape and barely worn. This will be perfect for fall with your gray flannels. Shipped USPS Priority
Nice vest.
Very nice! Love the strap.
I'd go grey. As you mentioned (and I agree), it goes with everything.
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