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That jacket looks great on you. You can rock the black!
That looks pretty nice.
Damn nice pair of shoes at a great price.
Those are very nice...and very tempting.
Sound advice right there!
I have 2 of the Oxford shirts and love the fit and the beefy material. I'm considering grabbing one of the selvedge chambray shirts. Can anyone comment on the thickness of the Gustin Chambray? Is is a fairly heavyweight shirt?
cool belt
I've never heard this. Of course, it has never crossed my mind to put a watch on a speaker...but what is the issue? Magnetism?
I'm the same height/weight, although a size 40. My 3A and 6A are both a size 42 and quite tight. When I take the sweaters off at the end of the day, the shirt I'm wearing underneath is wrinkled like crazy - esp. the sleeves. I don't consider that an issue as I don't take the sweater off during the day, but I can't imagine not sizing up at least one size. In addition, the length works perfectly for me - but someone taller may have an issue.
Are we sure the direct order option was stopped due to taking too much time dealing with anal-retentive SF's? Maybe the corporation that now owns the Inverallan name put an end to it?
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