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That is a very elegant watch. Beautiful.
+!These guys are the best and will send out a fit jacket to make sure you get it right.
If they fit well, you'll love them and have them for years...and a 2 month wait won't matter. I ordered a Goodwear Leather jacket in March...2012. I should be getting the call in the next month to have it made. I was given a 12-15 month wait time and it has even exceeed that. Only 2 months? Please!
Seiko Blue Spark. No longer made. I had and sold one. It is beautiful, but I found it too thick (high).
I think it does too.
Not sure you will find anything (automatic) more elegant for the price than the Orient Bambino. The only negative IMO is the size - it is a bit large for a dress watch.
Two pairs of Levis 514 Slim Staright 32 X 32. Standard denim, not selvedge. Rise is too low for me; I'm more of a 501 guy. One pair has been washed twice and one pair is brand new. Used Waist - 16 Leg - 12.5 Inseam - 32.25 LO - 8.5 New Waist - 16.5 Leg - 12.5 Inseam - 33.25 LO - 8.5
I like it too. I have the white face version of that watch and it is a stunner. Very elegant.
Wow, that is really beautiful! I like that quite a bit.
I like this shirt quite a bit. Very nice.
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