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I like the look of Junkers in general and that watch in particular. That is very nice.
RW Gentleman Traveler Wolverine 1000 Whites Semi-Dress Frye Arkansas Engineer (much nicer than I expected) Blundstones RM Williams Craftsman
Beautiful cardigan.
The socks are badass too.
The Shinki horsehide Good Wear Leather uses is 1.1-1.2 mm thick. The Aero horsehide (Horween) is thicker than that.
No, I don't think I could go down to 9.5. The boot liner takes up more width and volume, but I seem to need the length of the size 10. My heel is slightly narrow. Actually, the RW GT has a boot liner primarily for padding as it is pretty narrow. I'm saying boot liner, but I'm just talking about those Dr. Scholl insole pads.
I wear a 10 D in SD, Wolverine 1000's, and RW Gentleman Traveler. I wear 10.5 D in pretty much every other shoe I own. Not only do I size down a 1/2 for each of these, I also use a boot liner to fill some of the extra space. The RW GT is the narrowest of bunch; quite narrow actually, but that works for me.
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I agree that cleanliness has a lot to do with it. I find that they look great with chinos, moleskins, and corduroys; wool dress trousers....not so much.
http://www.dontmournorganize.com/custom-order/custom-order-2 Scott, at Don't Mourn, Organize makes great belts. I just took delivery of a black horsehide belt (1.25-inch) that was $70 shipped. Super nice and a great guy to deal with.
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