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Duplicate thread
An excellent shoe. Very versatile. Works with jeans, chinos, cords, moleskins, and sportcoats. I have a pair I've worn for years. Sent them back to AE to have them resoled and they look a month old.
Love the Hamilton. Very elegant.
Orient Bambino on the left and Seiko Orange Monster on right. I use the Bambino for dressy occasions and love the elegance. I actually had (and sold a Seiko Blue Spark) and actually prefer the Bambino as I found the Blue Spark too thick. I realize I'm in the minority with that statement! I had my eye on the Orange Monster for quite a while, but wasn't sure I could wear an orange-faced watch. Turns out it is awesome and is my daily casual watch. What a solidly built watch.
That is beautiful and would be mine if a size bigger. Quite a bit longer than most halfbelts of that era (and that is a good thing). Somebody grab this.
Since the boots you are selling fit a size 11, I assume these loafers run large as well?
That jacket looks great on you. You can rock the black!
That looks pretty nice.
Damn nice pair of shoes at a great price.
Those are very nice...and very tempting.
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