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Nice vest.
Very nice! Love the strap.
I'd go grey. As you mentioned (and I agree), it goes with everything.
Nice deal
Damn, that is a great looking tie!
oppedI'm the same way. I can do regular craft beers, but the overly hopped IPA's don't do it for me. The US, esp. the West Coast make extra hoppy IPA's and it seems to have gone off the deep end a bit - with hops becoming the new hot peppers and people taking pride in drinking heavily hopped beers.Regular hops are fine, but I do prefer a maltier beer.
I like the look of Junkers in general and that watch in particular. That is very nice.
RW Gentleman Traveler Wolverine 1000 Whites Semi-Dress Frye Arkansas Engineer (much nicer than I expected) Blundstones RM Williams Craftsman
Beautiful cardigan.
The socks are badass too.
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