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Nice deal.
Great jacket.
Nicely done. A great example of an affordable, yet quality watch.
That is the shit!
A nice piece.
I have the orange version and it is awesome. I've been considering picking up the black version as the watch is just so well built.
A very nice pair of trousers in a staple color. I would need a 34 or I would snap these up. Good luck with the sale.
7 Pairs of really nice flannel pants. All pretty much with 32 waist, 29.5 inseam, 1.75-inch cuff and only about .75-inch under the hem. At this time, I'm only selling as a lot for SOLD. I wore all these pants and I have a 32 waist, but I often have the seat opened up a bit as I have a bit of a booty on me. All are pleated. If you like high quality, pleated, flannel pants - here is your chance for a heckuva deal. I can send more pics but didn't want to take numerous pics of...
Wow, those are nice.
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