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Indicating size would have been helpful...
Other the lack of the yellow thread, I cannot tell any difference, they look good, and very DM-like.
I have a few MIE DMs that are exactly like the above ones. No metal in the eyelets. I have a few pairs that look new on the outside but the heel is worn beyond salvaging and you cannot resole them, pity. So they have been relegated to the beater status. This is one problem when getting used DMs - an incorrect walking pattern will wear the heel. Never happens when I wear them, even after 10 years the sole is still usable, and when it does wear out it happens uniformly so...
Never saw that happen with MIE anything since I got them in late 90's and I wear 13UK (14US). I wear either 8053 or 1461 99% of the time and everything else occasionally.Did not wear MIC ones long enough to see it happen, very strange. I saw minor quality flaws but no catastrophic failure just yet.
I have a few pairs of 1461 like that, al MIE -- perfectly normal. Some had 3 and some had 4 eyelets. Strange how they don't use metal eyelets. Hasn't caused any problems, other than the eyelets look better. I have never seen a 8053 without metal eyelets.
My favorite DM is probably 8053. Here it is, mostly MIE with a few exceptions, along with some 1461 some of which have 3 and some have 4 eyelets. When 8053 transitioned from MIE to MIC, it was a major disappointment. It shrank 1/2 size, became both narrower and smaller and takes forever to break in. Worse, the padded collar wears out in no time at all, while the collar on MIE 8053 endures for 10 years. The oxblood 1461 is MIT (Made in Taiwan) and is surprisingly nice. It...
Lexol helps with cracks. I have a pair I never took care of and finally it cracked badly.
Quote: Originally Posted by keredog @etcetera, in the last pictures of your shoes, are all of the (5) 5 eyelet shoes 8053's and the (3) 3-eyelet shoes all 1461's? And are those 2 shoes similar in shape and design? I'm looking for a less bulbous and sleeker look. Very similar if not the same. I have four 5-eyelet, three 4-eyelet and two 3-eyelet. They feel identical to me, with the exception of padded collar and more eyelets which I prefer. I...
Review of DM 8287: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeVVoLKRE3s DM 1460: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2o716...eature=related Somewhat off-topic as it's a shoe but a review of DM 8053: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BFxJ_yEbRdk
I like DMs. Here is my collection. My favorite is 8053.
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