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It shows that your lawyer has given you good advice.
Considering the number of fits that Orgetorix has thrifted, and their quality, I seriously think that he is expert at finding gentlemen in the Louisville area with large wardrobes, in his size, whom he then poisons, and advises the widows as to which charity shop to donate the deceased's wardrobes.(Well, maybe not - but it is uncanny )
To wear linen trousers is to embrace the wrinkles - trust me, my trousers today are wrinkled, though I think that the wrinkling adds to the ventilation - keeps the fabric off one's skin, to a degree.Thank you for not saying Herve Villechaize, Ricardo Montalban, or Truman Capote (though all three of those gentlemen are dead, if I remember correctly . . .) .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
After a long weekend in the country (northern VT), back to civilization (and heat). A last wearing of the white linen suit before it makes its way back to the dry cleaner. It will be warm enough today for me to eschew wearing the waistcoat, but I took photos both with and without. As a final note, a lifestyle photo from the suit's previous wearing - the members' reception for the Jeff Koons retrospective at the Whitney. Not an outfit inspired by a work of art, but one...
I used to dye the facial hair because it was so grey. The head hair (or what's left of it) is natural.
Thanks for the comment, Clags, but the facial hair became too much of a pain in the ass to dye on an increasingly regular basis, and removing it also shaved five to ten years off of my apparent age. It will not be making a return appearance.
In my visits to Amsterdam, I could tell that, historically, whatever the political relations between the Netherlands and France, in matters of style, the French were always admired and imitated.Redundant letters that make no sense phonetically, so that foreigners will get tripped up on them, and the French can reassure themselves of their linguistic superiority.
The French word for wig is "Perruque", hence the English term (more specifcally for the variety of wig worn by men in the 17th century). Thanks for the vote of confidence that I could carry off a reasonable imitation of the Sun King, though his was not a practical mode of attire.This may require some shopping, though not an unworthy objective.There is a Banksy silhouette in my neighborhood - a witty piece of graffitti.
My faux-Alden beater shoes - it's to be raining later today . . .
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