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x-post WAYWRN . . .
Thursday, and the return of wintry temperatures to NYC.Suit - BBShirt - TyrwhittTie - CanaliBraces - New & LingwoodCufflinks - David Donohue, via Cable Car Clothiers, SFShoes - Finsbury, ParisOvercoat - AdolfoScarf - Fortnum & MasonHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]]
You mean he's not?
[quote name="The Noodles" url="/t/394373/hof-what-are-you-wearing-right-now-part-iv-starting-may-2014/16830#post_7762821 @upr_crust That museum pic should be unspoilered. But you also did a half-arse job in that photo. That statue is naked.   [/quote] I did a quarter-arse job in that photo - the statue is of a woman - but an impromptu sex change operation was not an available option in the gift shop of the museum, and Vienna is very old-fashioned - public nudity in...
Thank you, Elio, for the jury prize - or was that for the pigeon?
A day late and a dollar short for St. Paddy's Day, but accessorized in green nonetheless . . . [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN . . .
A day late and a dollar short for St. Paddy's Day, but accessorized in green nonetheless for the Friday Challenge.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - TyrwhittTie - BBBraces - BBCufflinks - DVVS, NYCPS - no brand nameShoes - CanaliOvercoat - BBScarf - Johnstons of ElginHat - Tesi [[SPOILER]] Finally, some tourist humor from the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna . . . [[SPOILER]]
Well, you know, Korean, Presbyterian, preacher's kid - brings out all sorts of possibilities for expiatory kinks in the libido. The brand may have a military background, though I believe the original shop is in Eton.As for the cuffs, they can indeed be unbuttoned and turned back.
Spectre, from his post count, was active at sometime prior to his last incarnation (or may be active in threads which we in this thread do not read), but he did make his presence very known in his last incarnation (earning me a day or two in the timeout chair, but also garnering me my second most thumbed posting in retort to one of his pronouncements). He did post photos, but I believe that the general populace did not find his brand of understated elegance very elegant...
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