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Oh, dear - it sounds as if I will be the next version of "Where's Waldo?" Thanks for the welcome back message, Clarinet.
Our opinions diverge.
I take swagger over historical precedent any day of the week, as shown below . . .
Thank you, Bry2000. Your sighting of me is proof that timing is everything - my husband and I traversed the main hall of Grand Central only in transit either to or from the Yale Club, and were not at ground level there for more than a couple of minutes on either occasion. Next time, identify yourself and say hello - I don't bite, usually .
A silver ferrule would be much more stylish, but, for the nonce, the cane does have some residual orthopedic purpose (and had more of one when I first ordered it), so rubber-footed it remains.A bit of whimsy on my part, as no one saw the braces during the wedding or dinner afterwards, but I knew they were there .
x-post WAYWRN - Paul Stuart shoes and tux trews, BB socks . . .
The state of black tie, for me, today, at least . . .
Special weekend edition - black tie wedding later today.Tuxedo - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - BBTie - Budd, LondonWaistcoat - PRLPS - BBCufflinks - Niletti Creations, NYCStuds - EtsyShoes - Paul Stuart house brandOvercoat - BBScarf - Fortnum & MasonHat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center, NYC [[SPOILER]]
Only if your dissertation were on the evolution of style of motel room paintings.
Today's suit was a collaborative effort between myself and my MTM guy at my local branch of BB - or as I refer to him, my unindicted co-conspirator. He suggested the fabric, I chose the lapels and other details. My only regret is that the fabric is a heavier form of flannel (designed more for sports jackets than suits) - it limits the number of months in which I can wear it comfortably.
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