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Maison Martin Margiela?
Thank you, Gianni ^^^^ X-post WAYWRN
A light snow is expected in NYC today - and April starts in a week. Feh to this weather! [[SPOILER]]
FWIW, in taking my fit pix every day, the colors were improved first by the usage of my partner's Canon G1X (some 18 months/2 years ago), and then by the replacement of the living room floor lamp with a lamp able to take LED bulbs, which produce very white light (compact fluorescent bulbs make very yellow light, IME).Now, instead of trying to eliminate yellow light, I have to add it in, very slightly, using Windows photo editor.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
The start of another week, with wintry temperatures returning to NYC. Feh . . . . [[SPOILER]]
You just want to be like the pretty girl who brings all her ugly friends with her to a party, so that she looks better.
With 15 thumbs up so far for my fit in this thread (many from the opposing team), I will assume that I am exempt from your Mighty Fists of Fury (Kosher Division)?
Thank you, Mr. Foxx. I've only gotten into wearing bow ties over the last year or two, and my attempt at wearing one today with a DB suit was inspired by Holdfast, though both his bow tie and suit are superior to mine, sad to say.Unfortunately, the E-bay suit shown in not in my size .
x-post WAYWRN
New Posts  All Forums: