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Mr. Butch - you've got eyeballs! No more black bands across your face - cool!
As a former Bostonian, I want to guess that it was taken somewhere either along Atlantic Avenue, or somewhere in the vicinity of Rowes Wharf - the granite bollards for the chain barrier look new, and the buildings in the background look like the renovated waterfront area.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
It's Friday, sunny and less humid, and I'm making a bright and light end to my week, although you locals don't favor yellow ties. Too bad for you, then. [[SPOILER]]
Today's tie is as soporific as I (or the House of Charvet) get - you want anything more soporific, take an Ambien . . . [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN . . .
I can report back from last night's members' preview of the Jeff Koons show at the Whitney that I did indeed mirror the color scheme of many of the paintings and objects - light, bright, and candy colored. The artist himself was there, but he chose to dress as soberly as a judge - dark suit, white shirt, dark tie, black shoes. The crowd was better-dressed than normal - the hipsters of Williamburg and Bushwick seem to have ceded their places at this event to the scions of...
Perhaps - all I know is that that which is seen cannot be unseen, so maybe discretion in this matter is better.
Darn . . .
I give all the credit to Bernoulli, who was visiting NYC last fall, and with whom I visited Paul Stuart, whereupon we found today's shoes on sale - unhappily for Bernoulli, not in his size, but more happily for me, as they had them in mine.
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