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Thursday, and an Arctic chill pervades NYC. I've an office party to attend this evening, so I've opted for something festive (though not perhaps precisely "dress for success" wear), and also opted for my warmest overcoat.Suit - BB MTMShirt - BBTie - Thomas Farthing, LondonBraces - Paul StuartPS - PRLCufflinks - New & Lingwood, LondonShoes - Crockett & JonesOvercoat - BBScarf - Fortnum & Mason, LondonHat - Seifter Associates [[SPOILER]]
Brown ties are hardly my forte, but here goes . . .
x-post WAYWRN and the Friday Challenge . . .
Wednesday, in the midst of diminishing temperatures. The Friday Challenge is to wear a brown tie - a most unnatural challenge, from my perspective, since I have very few brown ties, but, never one to back down from a sartorial fight, here's my interpretation of how one should wear one.For the record, today's suit is new, snatched from Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole at the beginning of the Xmas sales.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - TyrwhittTie - Andrew's TiesCufflinks -...
Sorry, Clags, owning 17 brown ties does not increase the size of your private parts. That particular piece of genital legerdemain can only be done with a large, expensive, fast, and thoroughly impractical car.But of course, Stitchy.
I would agree - I look like crap in boaters and bowlers/derbies both.
Question about the gloves - "carpincho" - is that peccary, or capybara (I've not seen suede of the texture of your gloves since my last visit to Buenos Aires, and leather from capybaras is popular down there).
Tuesday, and my cold is better, and the weather is colder - January in NYC.Suit - BB MTMShirt - LewinTie - HermesCufflinks - Deakin & FrancisPS - no name brandVintage watch chainShoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brandOvercoat - BBScarf - Hilditch & KeyHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Where there are gilded Louis Seize bergeres, there are no dogs playing billiards - the Second Law of Interior Design.
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