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Liar, liar, Borsalino on fire . . .
Yes - ever since you turned him onto it, he's been obsessed - but you'd understand that, you perv.It's a monument to his tailor's skill that he was able to fit an entire cockatoo in the inside left breast pocket, with room only to show the crest out the outside left breast pocket. Only problem is getting the bird seed and the poo stains out of the lining.
x-post WAYWRN - Magnanni for Bergdorf Goodman shoes, BB socks and suit trews . . .
Today, in New York, it is, as they proverbially, colder than the left ventricle of a disaffected sex worker (or, as they say in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, "coldah than a hawse haht").To that end, I've donned my warmest suit and overcoat.Suit - BB MTMShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetPS - no name brandCufflinks - BBVintage watch chainShoes - Magnanni for Bergdorf GoodmanOvercoat - BBScarf - New & LingwoodHat - Selentino via JJ Hat Center [[SPOILER]]
Sheepy is never alone for long . . ."His sheepdip brings the ewes to the yard,And they're like, it's better than yours,Damn right, it's better than yours,He could teach you,But he'd have to charge".
Brown leather it was - puffer will come out this weekend, when it gets colder.
One impetus for the new apartment was more space, and as part of the renovations, we had all the existing closets refitted, one closet torn out, and two new closets built (one exclusively for shoes). As the apartment is about 50 years old, and had had little done to it prior to our renovations, we felt little guilt about ripping everything out and starting fresh.Never having had an apartment with views before, I now know why people pay extra for them.
x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - Paul Stuart boots, Pantherella socks, BB cords . . .
It's Friday, snowing lightly in New York, and I have decided to be casual today. Torn between which jacket to wear, I've photo-ed both - you be the judge.Sweater, shirt, cords, and cap - BBLeather jacket - Marc New YorkPuffer jacket - Soia & KyoScarf - Johnston's of ElginBoots - Paul Stuart [[SPOILER]]
Actually, that comment is not far off the mark. I took today's suit and waistcoat out of its dry cleaning bag this morning, and the tag on it was marked last March. I guess that my wardrobe is bigger than I have previously thought .
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