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x-post WAYWRN . . .
t's back to a normal working Monday. I'm wearing some of the new swag from abroad, and new shoes from the Black Friday sales.Suit - BB MTMShirt - BBTie - Turnbull & Asser - new from abroadCufflinks - Wedgwood - new from abroadBraces - Paul StuartShoes - Florsheim Royal Imperial (made by Magnanni)Hat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center, NYCScarf - Fortnum & Mason(In reviewing the photos, I decided that the scarf is superfluous, considering the weather, but it does make a grand...
Ironically enough, the only place where I've ever seen "berliners" sold under that name was in Madrid (and they were enormous - about twice the diameter of the one in the spoilered picture). In America, the term used to describe such a pastry is a "jelly doughnut".
No, were you to eat a berliner (or, were you of a mind to, a Berliner - but Aussies aren't cannibals these days, are they?) your suits wouldn't fit, therefore you may not.
The scarf is some 30 years old at this point, and is twice the thickness of cashmere than the ones currently sold by Burberry to the unsuspecting masses.The coat is Joseph Abboud - camel hair, and bought at severe discount - I liked it, but didn't need it, but the coat was so cheap I had to buy it.
X-post WAYWRN - Stetson flat cap - forgive the full-length photo.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
I'm baaack - slightly heftier from two weeks vacation and the Thanksgiving holiday, but ready to post.Blazer, trousers, shirt, shoes - BBBow tie - Thomas Farthing, LondonPS - Robert TalbottOvercoat - Joesph AbboudCap - Stetson, via JJ Hat Center, NYCScarf - BurberryFYI - I believe that I had a Crat sighting, assuming that he was walking in Jermyn St. sometime last weekend, in the late afternoon. Unfortunately, we were walking in opposite directions, and before I realized...
I am delighted that the picture of Cleav and myself attracted 48 thumbs-up, but I'll put all the credit to Cleav for racking us up such a score (either that, or the bottle of Macon-Villages we demolished over lunch - no wonder we looked happy . . . ). I can't believe that it was only last Friday that we met up - it seems too far in the past, now that I'm back in the US .
That is a shame indeed. I am sure that we would have enjoyed meeting you as well. As it is, I am not staying far from your photo venue - a short term flat rental in St. James (don't be too impressed, however - the flat is smaller than our hotel room in Istanbul.
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