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Thanks for the comment, Clags, but the facial hair became too much of a pain in the ass to dye on an increasingly regular basis, and removing it also shaved five to ten years off of my apparent age. It will not be making a return appearance.
In my visits to Amsterdam, I could tell that, historically, whatever the political relations between the Netherlands and France, in matters of style, the French were always admired and imitated.Redundant letters that make no sense phonetically, so that foreigners will get tripped up on them, and the French can reassure themselves of their linguistic superiority.
The French word for wig is "Perruque", hence the English term (more specifcally for the variety of wig worn by men in the 17th century). Thanks for the vote of confidence that I could carry off a reasonable imitation of the Sun King, though his was not a practical mode of attire.This may require some shopping, though not an unworthy objective.There is a Banksy silhouette in my neighborhood - a witty piece of graffitti.
My faux-Alden beater shoes - it's to be raining later today . . .
Ere of a major holiday, proving that I can breathe without wearing a tie . . .
IRL there is a bit more contrast than in the posted pictures (depending on one's monitor - my home PC monitor is very vivid, my work PC is not), and I've gone too far in the opposite direction with color when I first started wearing seersucker - too much vivid color can make for a garish look very quickly.Thanks for the compliment on the shoes - Charles Tyrwhitt, via the Internet, at deep discount ($97.50 plus shipping) several years ago.I am getting old, and had forgotten...
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Oh, sure. I was thinking of this as an inspiration, though I'm unsure whether it would work as office wear.(Perukes can be so warm this time of year . . . )
Today's attire reflects the fact that it's warm and humid here in NYC - time for seersucker. [[SPOILER]]
From the "better late than never" school of posting (technological problems with Photobucket this AM).The shoes are new . . . [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: