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Hey, that's Stichy's line!
I would have thought that I'd win on general train-wreck-itude .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Thursday - warmer, but with promise of rain here in NYC.Suit - BB MTMShirt & Tie - BBCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtPS - BBShoes - Bexley, ParisTopcoat - JABScarf - Ede & Ravenscroft, LondonHat - Weatherproof [[SPOILER]]
Oh, dear - looks like I'm stuck with train wreck now . . .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Midweek, and still with wintry temperatures in NYC. Brrrrr . . . In writing this post, I suddenly realized how Brit today's attire is - an accident of the wardrobe . . .Suit - New & Lingwood, LondonShirt - Thomas PinkTie - Hackett, LondonCufflinks - TyrwhittBraces - Paul StuartShoes - C & JOvercoat - BBScarf - Ede & RavenscroftHat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center, NYC [[SPOILER]]
You knpw, I can't decide whether I want to go for subtle touches of formal wear in a "normal" fit, or whether I want to go for maximal train wreck for this challenge (though I'm leaning towards train wreck - I've not gone too far off my trolley in a while - maybe it's time . . . ).
^^^ Excellent idea - why should we be the only people creating train wrecks?
Not even close to Fredrik Eklund's normal price range, I fear - I'm much too poor for that.
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