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If you're talking about G & G's, that's perfectly understandable. Ditto if you owned Cleverlys.
x-post from WAYWRN, the patented Crusty Crouch, in solidarity with Clags . . . [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN . . .
A damp and chillier day in NYC than the previous two - warmer clothes with which to end the week. Bah . . . . [[SPOILER]]
Hey, Betel got cleavage - you got a problem with dat?
x-post WAYWRN
Spring, of some variety, still seems to be lingering around NYC today. There was a last-minute substitution of tie this morning - my partner looked at my original choice (vintage PRL) and decided it looked too old and tired, hence I grabbed whatever was first on the tie rack - in this case, new Hermes. Hope that the change was an improvement. [[SPOILER]]
A successful marriage is the art of compromise - I am sure that your private parts will remain attached as needed.For a gift from a father-in-law on short notice, you did well with the suit - I like the pattern of the fabric at the very least (I like it overall, in fact).
The colors of the PS today are hardly saturated, IRL or IMHO, but I will readily admit that I really didn't see anything better for this fit in my PS drawer, and that the choice is sub-optimal.Forgive me, but for clarity's sake, I un-corrected your auto-corrected text. I believe that I captured your true meaning.
Oh, I guess that means that Cleav did the honours, then . . .
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