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Murl, you're right (especially cuz I remember that Stitchy has a killer DB suit).Stitchy, if you don't play, you suck.My humble entry . . .
For the Friday Challenge.Suit - BBShirt - Thomas PinkTie - CharvetPS - PRLCufflinks - Benson & Clegg, LondonShoes - Stefano Branchini, via Bergdorf Goodman, NYC [[SPOILER]]
Yesterday's suit was the fallout from having brunch one Sunday afternoon with Mr. Claymore of these fora, then visiting the mansion at 72nd and Madison in the middle of a clearance sale. Mr. Claymore did most of the work for the salesman, finding the suit on the rack in my size, and even advising the tailor to move one of the waistcoat buttons - a most useful ally to have while shopping, I must say, though RLPL as an impulse purchase is something one shouldn't do too...
First off, Cleav, you are the most charming liar I've ever had the pleasure of meeting . I will leave the administration of the poll in your capable hands, while I am frolicking in Canada, and, for the record, I believe that I am only four inches taller than JCM (I am 5'9"), so yours was a fairly whitish lie, told in a good cause.
New Challenge is up: http://www.styleforum.net/t/511474/friday-challenge-2015-11-06-get-yer-two-tits-out-double-breasted-suit-or-jacket
Friday Challenge thread is up: http://www.styleforum.net/t/511474/friday-challenge-2015-11-06-get-yer-two-tits-out-double-breasted-suit-or-jacket
In light of the relative coolness of most of the Northern Hemisphere, and the fact that the Southern Hemisphere is still in springtime, I thought that it was high time that we showed off our double-breasted suits or jackets. Suit or jacket is acceptable, fit must be worn this week, and I will take a volunteer to administer the poll, as I'll be playing tourist in Toronto this weekend. Go to it, gentlemen! On behalf of the inimitable @upr_crust please find before you...
x-post WAYWRN - Septieme Largeur shoes, BB socks, RLPL suit trousers . . .
The weather remains relatively mild here in NYC. We're going out to meet friends for drinks after work, so a little spiffy-ness is in order for the day.Suit - RLPLShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtBraces - New & LingwoodVintage watch chainShoes - Septieme Largeur, Paris [[SPOILER]]
It's a Canadian thing - sort of like poutine, or universal health care - incomprehensible to Americans.
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