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No, but they do count as sleep aids.
x-post WAYWRN MC Casual . . .
Heat, humidity, and promise of thunderstorms later today make suits a no-go - biz casual is the mode of the day. Shirt and trousers - BB Shoes - Alden
In the cases of Carmina, LodinG, and Markowski, Oxfords - in the case of Septieme Largeur, Balmorals. Thanks to Chogall for the explanation of the difference.
God, even lapels have commitment issues these days? When will it ever end?
Speaking of French pointy shoes, I'll be shopping for said commodity when in Paris next month - looking for black wingtip balmorals - on the web, it's a tossup between LodinG, Septieme Largeur, Markowski's Prince Jorge line, and Carmina (in ascending order of expense).
Bergdorf's in NYC has Charvet on sale (albeit in rather lurid colors/patterns) currently - for reference sake, I believe that current retail on Charvet ties is $245 apiece (sale prices are currrently $159, IIRC).As long as one is going to be in Paris, one should experience Charvet in all its glory in the Place Vendome. I will be in Paris next month for five nights - staying within easy walking distance of Charvet (and a lot of other places that can cause large amounts of...
x-post WAYWRN - new boots from Paul Stuart
Today's attire, with the addition of new boots (courtesy of the sale at Paul Stuart).Suit - BB RegentShirt - BB MTMTie - CharvetCufflinks - New & LingwoodBoots - Paul Stuart house brand [[SPOILER]]
No, silly man, you have to remember to Tip The Barman! (cuz he's got a lot of bespoke to pay for!)
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