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I have no idea why you say that (well, that's not entirely true), but believe me when I tell you, one's taste for discretionary spending on one's self is squashed when one has to spend money on idle fripperies such as bath fixtures (who knew a towel rack could cost that much?). You've been in remodeling hell, you know what I mean.
x-post WAYWRN - Septieme Largeur shoes, BB socks, JAB suit trews . . .
The weather has relented a bit here in NYC, and, tired of "business casual", and wanting to try something other than a white shirt with today's suit, I came up with this rig - hope that you like it.Suit - JAB Signature PlatinumShirt - Paul StuartTie - BBBraces - LewinCufflinks - WedgwoodShoes - Septieme Largeur, Paris [[SPOILER]]
Shugs, are you channeling your inner schoolmarm?
x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - New & Lingwood shoes, BB socks and trews . . .
As it is expected to be a high of 34C/93F this afternoon, I've opted for business casual and all linen today. Shirt & trews - BB Shoes - New & Lingwood My clothing purchases of late have dried up, pretty much, in favor of purchases such as below:
For my sendoff, I believe that "play" would be the push of a button, playing a recording of Janet Baker singing Dido's Lament from Purcell's "Dido and Aeneas", followed by Regine Crispin singing, "O, ma lyre immortelle" from Gounod's "Sapho", and, to bring the mourners gently out of their funk, the trio "Soave sia il vento" from "Cosi fan Tutte".
Thank you, gnatty. Despite the impressions my usual postings might give, I do not spend my entire life encased in three-piece suits. As for jeans, one of my problems is self-image. Having spent much of my adult life as an overweight person, I need to remember when I shop for jeans that I am no longer fat (or at least that fat), and that I can wear jeans that are slim cut.The renovations are moving apace,and the bank account will revive itself in due course, when I...
x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - Finsbury, Paris shoes, Punto socks, BB jeans . . .
It's Friday, and predicted to be hot and humid here in NYC, and the visit to the work-in-progress apartment was postponed to this evening. I've decided to go full-on casual, between the heat, humidity, and this evening's exercise of observing how a small army of workmen will make a well-positioned space in Murray Hill into habitable living quarters, and my bank account into dust. Shirt & jeans - BB Shoes - Finsbury, Paris
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