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Monday - what I hope to be a quiet day at the office.Suit - New & LingwoodShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtVintage watch chainBraces - New & LingwoodBoots - Paul Stuart (Grenson Masterpiece)Overcoat - AdolfoScarf - Thomas Farthing, LondonHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]]
Thank you for your very kind words. With hats, I've tried to make a virtue out of what in the winter is an absolute necessity, Fortunately, it seems that I am able to carry off the wearing of a proper hat.Thank you also for the kind words in re: my library. I should make a few additions to my book collection - catalogues to some of the exhibitions that I saw in London last month (the Moroni at the Royal Academy, and the Rembrandt - Late Works at the National Gallery).
x-post WAYWRN - yesterday: x-post WAYWRN - today:
YesterdayBlazer, waistcoat, shirt, trousers, overcoat - BBBow tie - Paul StuartPS - AshearBoots - Paul StuartScarf - Hickey FreemanCap - Stetson, via JJ Hat Center, NYC [[SPOILER]] Today:Sports jacket, shirt, waistcoat, trousers, shoes - BBPS - AshearOvercoat - Joseph AbboudScarf - BurberryCap - House of Cashmere, London [[SPOILER]]
A posting by someone who learned English from Google Translate.
x-post WAYWRN - J & M rainy day shoes . . .
Still monsoon season in NYC today, but I am willfully ignoring it.Sport jacket, trousers, shirt - BBTie - PRLPS - no name brandShoes - J & M (Italian manufacture)Raincoat - BurberryScarf - ZegnaHat - Weatherproof [[SPOILER]]
Does this mean that Clags is the new Derk? (Speaking of which, where's the old Derk?)
That's a very cool photo, though I am familiar with the lobby of only one high-end hotel in Vancouver, the Shangri-La, and that does not appear to be that lobby, as I remember it.
It was lunch, for the record, at which Cleav and I had our picture taken, and as I will be in the UK again mid-February 2015, we're planning on repeating the event at that time (same meal, different venue). You are correct in assuming that fun was had at the original event - a lovely amalgam of entertaining conversation and a nice bottle of Macon-Villages. We hope that history repeats itself.
New Posts  All Forums: