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Very kind of you to say - thank you! The shoes are white bucks, and I bought them several years ago at Johnston & Murphy. The soles were designed for planned obsolescence - I had two pairs, white and dark brown, and I wore through the soles of the dark brown pair in no time flat - but they are very comfortable, with or without socks.
Today, I'm wearing what I wear when I don't really care what I'm wearing - it's Tuesday, I'm tired, there is a chance of rain, and I've got an 8:30 AM conference call to discuss bank regulatory matters. This is not an auspicious day . . . FWIW, then . . .
x-post WAYWRN - Paul Stuart house brand shoes, BB socks, Tyrwhitt suit trousers . . .
A warm, sunny day in NYC. Today I'm wearing 2/3 of a three-piece suit - the weather is inspiring me not to wear a waistcoat. Today's suit is hardly a great piece of tailoring, but the fabric from which it is made is extremely lightweight - perfect for a Monday in late June.Suit, shirt & tie - TyrwhittCufflinks - New & LingwoodPS - J. S. BlankShoes - Paul Stuart house brand [[SPOILER]]
"On the other end of the season spectrum, Crusty further makes the case in my mind that windowpane works better with flannel for winter (I'm assuming it's flannel, it looks fuzzy) - also really like the nip at the waist on this jacket; extremely flattering in conjunction with the vest." You are correct - the fabric is a lightweight flannel, with a nap, and It's good that most of my windowpane patterned suits are winter-weight - at least to conform to your judgments. As...
Trust me, I've not bought anything from Lewin in several years, but, then again, I'm old enough to have bought shirts from them when the shirts were marked "Made in England" (not today's however).
x-post WAYWRN - a British brand on American feet - Paul Smith Chelsea boots, BB socks and trousers . . .
It's Friday, time for something a bit less formal.Blazer and trousers - BBShirt - LewinTie - Andrew's TiesCufflinks - David Donohue, via Cable Car Clothiers, SFPS - Robert TalbottBoots - Paul Smith [[SPOILER]]
The socks are from Brooks Brothers some number of seasons ago.
Taste in neckties is a very personal thing - one man's Ferragamo is another man's Ed Hardy - but thank you for the comments, in any case.
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