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The reason that I knew that Cleav's shoes were Westbournes was that I had wanted to buy them myself last year, but C & J didn't have them in my size, and, irony of ironies, I bought Maltons in chestnut instead. My Maltons are lighter in color than either Cleav's picture or the shot of the Westbournes on C & J's website, and I seem to remember that the Westbournes in chestnut were lighter than C & J's website's picture.
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Something a little different for a Thursday - sunny but cooler in NYC, perfect time for one more wearing of this flannel suit.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - Hilditch & KeyTie - HermesCufflinks - The London Badge & Button Co.PS - Robert TalbottBraces - Paul StuartShoes - Canali [[SPOILER]]
Not to steal Cleav's thunder, but, were I to guess, I would say that they're Crockett & Jones Westbournes.
I have a few ties in what appears to be that weave, and the term I've heard used to describe them is "nattarino" or "natte" - a square "waffle" pattern, sometimes in a single color, sometimes in multiple colors.
So long as you washed your hands afterwards.
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Simply Wednesday, and a beautiful spring day to be had outside in NYC.Suit - RLPLShirt - TyrhwittTie - HermesBraces - Paul StuartPS - PRLVintage watch chainCufflinks - Penhaligon'sShoes - Harris, via Barney's NYC [[SPOILER]]
I collected the full-length shots I've posted to WAYWRN for April in CM into one gallery. I've never really looked at the photos for a succession of days together, so seeing a month's worth of postings was something of a revelation - good or bad, I leave to you. http://www.styleforum.net/g/a/626988/what-i-was-wearing-april-2015/
Don't fret. My late husband bought something very similar in Paris int the early '90s, except that the background was blue, and the giraffes were larger in scale. Whether or not he actually ever wore it is another matter . . .
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