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Give us a chance to uncrate our lives, and you'll get to see more of the apartment, or the views, which are quite an eyeful. Getting the apartment and the views in the same photo is more of a challenge - the light level differentials make it hard to balance outdoors/indoors, but we'll try.
Yes, and the cell next to his is where his wardrobe is sequestered.
Due to the early rising of Husband, and a fortuitous discovery of the camera, the tripod, and the USB dongle, all in the same place at the same time, we were able to take a few shots of what I'm wearing today. The number of shots are abbreviated, and the view is one of the few views current that doesn't have corrugated cardboard as a backdrop, but it does give some indication as to what the new place looks like, and I in it. Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole Shirt - BB Tie...
x-post WAYWRN - Paul Smith boots, Gold Toe socks, Phineas Cole suits trews . . .
As stated above, you never realize what you own until you try to move it. I discovered the current count of the shoe collection - all inclusive (with one lowly pair of sneakers) the number is 56.As for "no wool ties in the same box as the mohair suits", I don't know that I own any wool ties .As for a PBS documentary, I believe a film of the packing process would be more like a bastard child of the game show "Beat the Clock", and a perverse take on "Real Housewives of New...
I can tell you without hesitation that you never know how much stuff you own until you try to pack it into a cardboard box (or many multiples of same). The packing insanity continues, and my (currently unemployed) husband is diligently trying to pack everything that needs to be moved by the movers, proving that I married exceptionally well.
Excellent news that this challenge will run two weeks, as this week I will be moving house, from West Side to East Side, and the only drama will be fitting all my possessions into corrugated cardboard boxes - not a visual thriller, to be sure.
Sebastian, I must apologize for saying this, but, between the length of your tie, its position in the photo as shown above, and your usual cool, steely gaze, you appear to be both asserting the sterling qualities of your virility, and inviting the viewer to thoroughly test the veracity of your assertions.Otherwise, the tie is way too damn long.
In Rome we had excellent luck with the weather - only the slightest of showers on occasion, and by the weekend the highs were 16-17C. Naples was a different story - particularly the morning we went to Pompeii, when it chucked it down for a couple of hours, though it cleared before we left the excavations.
It's my usual fold, but as the colors of the edge of the pocket square were the colors with which I wanted to complement today's tie, I merely stuck the square in my pocket upside down from the norm.
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