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Duly noted, Shug, and I believe that I shall stick with the original - sorry, Noodles.
Friday, and not a moment too soon . . .Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - TyrwhittTie - BBBraces - Paul StuartCufflinks - Penhaligon'sPS - AshearShoes - Bexley [[SPOILER]] Crusty Crouch 2.0 - not as authoritative as when wearing a waistcoat [[SPOILER]]
Yes, like Xmas Day indeed, save for the fact that Santa also left the AmEx charges along with the loot . . .
X-post WAYWRN . . .
"New toy" day - suit and shirt, from the summer sales.Suit - RLPLShirt - TyrwhittTie - Turnbull & AsserBraces - Trafalgar, via J. PressCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtShoes - Stefano Branchini, via Bergdorf Goodman [[SPOILER]] It was suggested by one of the regular posters that I might try a more full-on Crusty Crouch - here, risking moose knuckle, (or conversely, evidence of my chastely detumescence) is the result. [[SPOILER]]
DBs are the ish, but only if they are well-proportioned - silhouette, button placement, jacket length all become even more important with a double-breasted suit than a single. Today's happens to be a happy "crime of opportunity" - a sale item at Paul Stuart in NYC.I love the texture of flannel, but between NYC's climate, and its central heating, I an hesitant to buy more flannel, preferring not to swelter in my suits save for the dead of winter. Mid grey or navy...
One notes that Claghorn is originally from Texas, a place which invents its own etiquette, or ignores such niceties entirely. Besides, no matter how bespoke the kiwi, it is a well-known fact that ratite birds are terrible shots, as one would expect, having no upper appendages of any sort.
x-post WAYWRN and the Friday Challenge . . .
I believe that today's attire captures most of my stylistic excesses - I believe it to be "Crusty to the Core". [[SPOILER]]
X-post the Friday Challenge.Suit - Paul StuartShirt - BB MTMTie - TyrwhittPS & collar pin - PRLCufflinks - Niletti Creations, NYCBraces - LewinShoes - Paul Stuart house brand [[SPOILER]]
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