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OK. In reviewing what photos I have in electronic form from pre-2010, there are a number of pictures of me, bedecked in whatever I thought stylish at the time (sometimes cringe-worthy, but there it is). Were I to be insane enough to present this material, should I go backwards from 2010, or forwards from whatever the earliest dated material? Am I Benjamin Button, or do I respect the unilateral march of time? Warning - there is a significantly larger amount of me in...
I can answer this - Finsbury, in Paris.http://www.finsbury-shoes.com/
I have that tie - I just recognized it! Good find!I will see if there is anything that old in the archives that I dare expose to the public without health warnings.
It is winter. It is Vienna. The fading afternoon light softly streams through the windows of the cafe in the Kunsthistorisches Museum. Pastry and tea are ordered. Our hero relaxes, after having made his way through all of the galleries of the museum. A respite is necessary, before heading out into the coming dusk.
Today's postings mark the end of Crusty Through The Ages, as there is little material for the month of November, due to my habit of traveling abroad in early November. I will leave this series of postings on a high note - a couple of "lifestyle" photos from Per Se, where I took my husband for his birthday last year. This year, I'm taking him to my surgeon's office, to see how my broken right acetabulum (pelvic bone) is healing. Such is the wheel of fortune. November...
Thank you for the compliment. As it was, the Charvet was a sale item at end of season several years ago at Bergdorf Goodman in NYC.
Thank you - 2012's tie is Charvet, and 2013's is from Paul Stuart in NYC.
Happy Halloween, and let see what I've worn on this day in history - I hope nothing too scary. Please note that this is the penultimate posting of its type - I will be posting photos from history tomorrow, then the historical record runs rather dry, due to my usual custom of vacationing in early November. As it is, I believe that I've pretty much exhausted the historical records of anything interesting, and better to end this exercise before it becomes entirely too...
Not all that much to say. I adopted the pose thinking that I looked somewhat less fat by doing so at the time. I have since shrunk a bit, and the subterfuge is no longer quite so necessary. That is all.
Ironically enough, most everything worn for this Friday challenge was not bought with sleaziness in mind. Had I buttoned up my shirt, tied my tie, worn regular glasses, and traded the lavender socks for black, the fit would have been well within the limits of tasteful. It's interesting what a little male decolletage and a pair of now-vintage Ray Bans (I won them in a contest sponsored by Esquire Magazine some 30+ years ago) can do to cheapen an outfit.
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