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It's to be midsummer warm here in NYC today, so I've opted for warm weather gear - perhaps the last hurrah for seersucker this season.Suit, shirt, tie - BBShoes - Paul Stuart private label (but most likely C & J) [[SPOILER]] "Lifestyle" photo - pensive in the portico of the Grand Trianon . . . [[SPOILER]]
If I am to post on Friday, it will be a post of seasonal incoherence (or at least meteorological incoherence - clothes too warm for what will be a warm late summer day), but the occasion requires it. More on that as it happens . . .
The fabric and pattern of the new jacket are nice, but it seems a bit long on you, Don - taking the hem of the jacket up a couple of centimeters might be an improvement, IMHO. Just my $.02 . . .
Suit - JAB Signature PlatinumShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetCufflinks - Turnbull & AsserShoes - Florsheim Royal Imperial (Magnanni) [[SPOILER]] "Lifestyle" photo - from the top level of St. Michael's Mount, Cornwall, an island, like Mont St. Michel, accessible by foot at low tide, but accessible only by boat at high tide. It is the home of the Lords St. Levan - a great house, but difficult for pizza delivery. [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - Florsheim Royal Imperial shoes, J & M socks, JAB suit trousers . . .
One of my former co-workers, Italian-American, said that when a bird shits on you, it will bring you good luck - go out and buy yourself a lottery ticket.FYI - Trappists speak only when necessary, apparently, hence the perception that they take a vow of silence.
x-post WAYWRN - C & J shoes, Gold Toe socks, BB suit trousers . . .
Today's attire is a forecast of fall - autumnal colors and such.Suit, shirt & tie - BBPS - Robert TalbottCufflinks - DVVS, NYCShoes - C & J [[SPOILER]] "Lifestyle" photo - Lanhydrock, a National Trust property in Cornwall - no food to be seen, so sorry . . . [[SPOILER]]
Was he a Trappist?
No worries - no offense taken.
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