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I assume this comment is on the posting I made on Friday, not on my posting of this morning, as I am wearing a brown suit today - not a natural match with black shoes.As it was, I was photographed by my MTM man at Brooks Bros. (whence Friday's suit came), as he wants to upload the shots of the suit (and me in it) to his Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook accounts for his professional life.
Even better - the page from Benson and Clegg's website:
I've just come back from Rome - here are a couple of suggestions for eating venues . . . Osteria 44 - 44 Via Aureliana - Signor Sergio takes good care of all his customers - great space, excellent food and ambience. Hostaria Romana - Via del Boccaccio (not far from the Palazzo Quirinale) - a restaurant far off the tourist trail, with quintessentially Roman food Guida Ballerino - the rooftop restaurant at the Bernini Bristol Hotel at the Piazza Barberini - a modern...
Happily, my politics are not.
x-post WAYWRN - Carmina shoes, BB socks, Phineas Cole suit trews . . .
A change of perspective - another view of the new place for today's photos.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - BBTie - Harvie & HudsonCufflinks - Benson & Clegg, LondonBraces - Paul StuartPS - AshearShoes - Carmina, via the Armoury, NYCOvercoat - BBHat - SelentinoScarf - Johnston's of Elgin [[SPOILER]]
As opposed to the more Talmudic prohibition against mixing linen and wool, which is shatnez.
When we are finally settled, I am sure that we will need to schedule a series of house warming parties, for all the interest that the views and the interior design have engendered - perhaps an SF one would be a possibility.
x-post WAYWRN - C & J Edgwares, BB socks and suit trews . . .
An early morning, and the lighting is off on my photos - forgive me.Suit & shirt - BB MTMTie - BBPS - PRLCufflinks - BBVintage watch chainShoes - C & JOvercoat - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeScarf - Fortnum & MasonHat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center, NYC [[SPOILER]]
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