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Moi? Having a "lifestyle"? Not today, at least - a home in khakis and a polo shirt, waiting for the A/C repairman. Did have something of a "lifestyle event" last night - dinner with Mr. Claymore, he resplendent in a grey, bold stripe three-piece double-breasted suit, but, alas, we were too busy talking to have a non-selfie "selfie" taken.
The color of the buttons does not come through on the photos - my error - so go forth and wear the jacket in good health .
The jacket fits you very well. I only hope that you also have the trousers to that suit jacket, since, in these parts, orphaned suit jackets are frowned upon for use as odd jackets. That being said, you look very smart in it.
Back from three days away, schlepping to and from northern Vermont, which was more of an adventure than anticipated (our rental car broke a tie rod connection, and Zipcar does not provide replacements in areas where they do not have other Zipcars - we were saved only by the kindness of our waitress from dinner, who gave us a lift back to our hotel, and my cousins, who drove us to the nearest car rental spot, an hour's drive away, where, by the skin of our teeth, we were...
x-post WAYWRN - C & J shoes, Sorley socks, Phineas Cole suit trousers . . .
Thank you, and yes, my husband is as interested in menswear as am I, only he exhibits a bit more fiscal probity in his purchases than do I (someone has to have a level head about money ).
I'm not posting photos today, as what I'm wearing is both casual and uninteresting, and I'll be out of town starting tomorrow morning, so no postings from me until Monday. However, last evening, my husband and I had the privilege and pleasure of being interviewed and photographed by Nathaniel Adams and Rose Callahan, respectively, author and photographer of the book "I Am Dandy". Nathaniel and Rose are planning a second book, which might (the operative word in this...
Today's shoes were purchased no more than three years ago or so. Tyrwhitt seems to have two sources of shoe manufacturers, judging from two price poitns for their shoes - Loake and Barker - and I suspect that today's shoes were made by Barker for Tyrwhitt. (They bear a strong resemblance to similarly styled shoes offered by Barker itself the season that I bought mine.)
Another hot and relatively humid day here in NYC - more buttondown shirts and linen trews . . . Shirt & trousers - BB Shoes - Tyrwhitt
X-post WAYWRN CM Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, Pantherella socks, BB trews . . .
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