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^^^ It seems to be gun club check Wednesday . . .Back to wearing something other than hiking boots, cords, and sweaters.Sports jacket, trousers, shirt, tie - BBPS - no name brandShoes - AE SevensOvercoat - Joseph AbboudScarf - ZegnaCap - James Dermot, London, via House of Cashmere [[SPOILER]]
Not only that, they're making him play blind man's bluff in it as well .
Happiest of B-Days, and congrats on the half-century of excellence, youngster. My "Diamond Jubilee" (a/k/a my 60th) is due this coming October. Looking forward to seeing you when I'm in London in two weeks time. (FYI to SyFo members - I'll be in London from the 14th to the 21st of February, then Vienna from the 21st to the 27th - holiday).
Hey - be nice! I realize I have them, but you don't have to point them out to people . . .
You know, it's the pause that refreshes, not the dick. I'd elaborate, but were I to veer into the mechanics of mansex, the locals will suddenly get very cranky.
You'd be cantankerous too (never mind cross and crochety) were you summarily jettisoned from your parish. Goyim can be so sensitive.
Claghorn's Jury Prize - in Clag's thread of 20+ thumbs up postings, the initials CJP have been taking on multiple meanings. I believe Clags was merely complimenting you, and expressing the idea that you might be awarded his coveted jury prize, were your posting today to make it to the other thread. (For once, I believe the local populace was NOT talking about dick, which is refreshing.)
Anyone's we know? Do you keep it in a drawer, or have you planted it in a flower pot with kosher dirt, and put it on your windowsill?
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Today is Friday, and not a moment too soon. Today's attire is a mix of better brands and lesser brands.Suit - JAB Signature PlatinumShirt - TyrwhittTie - HermesCufflinks - DVVS, NYCShoes - Finsbury, ParisOvercoat - AdolfoScarf - Thomas Farthing, LondonHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]]
New Posts  All Forums: