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For persons Caustic's age, SWD is a perfectly fine place to explore. For myself, with full qualifications as a sexagenarian occurring less than three months from today, I'll stick to CM Casual when I don't want to wear a tie. The idea of me finding denim that could be upholstered over my ageing tochis in a fetching manner is more theoretical than plausible.
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Back at at, after a day's rest. Giving today's suit an airing before shipping it off to the dry cleaner's.Suit, shirt, tie, PS - BBCufflinks - New & LingwoodShoes - Paul Stuart house brand [[SPOILER]]
Hearing all of the talk of "not dressing above your station" makes me happy that I'm too old, too fossilized into my current position at work, and otherwise too bored to care whether I am perceived as "too well dressed" or not.
Don't be silly, Noodles, none of your coworkers even know who Alex Kabbaz is (or even the difference between MTM and bespoke, for that matter). No denigration of your office - I am sure that my coworkers wouldn't know the difference either.
Ironically enough, I'll be in Paris for five nights this August - not the month I would pick to be in Paris, but circumstances (and cheaper hotel rates) prevailed.
It would seem, from the Internet, to be a good season for shoe sales in Paris - start at Bexley, and work your way upwards .
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I'm visiting a friend in hospital this evening - a partial knee replacement - so I thought wearing something bright and cheery would be of some comfort to the patient.Suit & shirt - BBTie - Hilditch & KeyShoes - Paul Stuart (private label from C & J) [[SPOILER]]
I have to agree with Kulata on all points. There are limits over which I would not normally pay for an article of clothing, but those limits are flexible, depending on my economic situation and the article of clothing in question. I am more disposed to spending money on ties and pocket squares, but only those which fit my exacting (if on occasion bizarre) tastes. As for niche fragances, between what was left over from my late husband, and what I've bought myself, my...
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