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From the "better late than never" school of posting (technological problems with Photobucket this AM).The shoes are new . . . [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - new shoes for me as well . . .
No, he'll let the Shabbos goy wear the linen and wool blend garment for him . . . ( JK as well, boychik).
Just remember, what has been seen cannot be unseen (though possibly obscene . . .).
Ah, yes, alas - it's been years since I've stormed the Winter Palace . . .
And Nonsense - x-post WAYWRN . . .
Today's suit is the first suit I ever had MTM, in 2003. I have changed shape in the intervening 11 years, and have just gotten this suit back from Brooks Bros. after its latest re-fitting. I was able to find photos of the suit (and me in it) from the fall of 2003, so today, we start the week with a little "before and after" action. I was able to find the same tie, though not the same shirt - substituted a similar one, though. [[SPOILER]]
Chill, Clags - I've already explained that I just threw the suit on for some pictures, and didn't change the tie from what I had worn earlier that day. Cheez Louise, you lot HATE yellow ties! I promise not to wear a yellow tie with that suit when I wear it for real (which won't be until the weather cools off - it's a fall weight suit).
I normally take a REG, but the newest suit is actually a SHORT (not that there is much difference, apparently, at least according to my salesman, in Phineas Cole). The jacket is a bit shorter than usual, but the sleeves were perfect for me, and the button stance is fine.
I will have to wear it as a suit at least once, if only to watch jaws drop.The tie was merely the one I had worn earlier yesterday, and no, that coordination of suit and tie won't happen in real life.Thank you. It was one of those garments which I'd never think to try on, but which looked much better on me than on the hanger.Calm yourself, Mr. Butch - it won't happen again (see above).
New Posts  All Forums: