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The weather is reverting to summer temperatures and humidity today, at least for the day, and I've got a members' reception at the Modern to attend this evening, so this is today's rig - light enough to handle the heat, and outre enough to handle the crowds at MoMA.Jacket - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt & trousers - BBPS - RLPLShoes - Paul Stuart (C & J) [[SPOILER]]
There are currently no drapes - window treatments are to be discussed this evening, as it happens, and it is unlikely that drapes will be the ultimate window covering.
He found the day spa with the time machine in it, hidden behind the 7-11 in Fresno.
x-post WAYWRN - Florsheim Royal Imperial shoes, BB socks, Paul Stuart suit trews . . .
It continues to be pleasant weather in NYC this week.Suit - Paul StuartShirt - BBTie - Turnbull & AsserCufflinks - Theo Faberge/St. Petersburg Collection, LondonBraces - LewinShoes - Florsheim Royal Imperial [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - Bergdorf Goodman house brand shoes, Pantherella socks, Phineas Cole suit trews . . .
Today, the weather in NYC has cooled off and dried out considerably, so I'm back to suits. Today's shirt is a new acquisition, my first from Kamakura, and was part of a group of shirts marketed as selected by Kamau Hosten, a "new York fashionista", and a personal acquaintance of mine. I've been wanting to try Kamakura for a while, and Kamau's connection to the shop sealed the deal. I will say that the fabric is quite soft, as is the construction (very little if any...
x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, BB socks and trews . . .
With weather predictions for highs of 33C/92F, with humidity making it feel like 37C/98F, a linen shirt and khakis is as dressed up as I'm getting today. Shirt - Lewin Trews - BB Shoes - Tyrwhitt
I can well understand your point of view, but I like the black & white spectators with this ensemble (which is a three-piece suit, and, perhaps worn with a tie and the waistcoat, would better balance the black of the spectators). Ah, well, my next indulgence in footwear may satisfy your tastes .
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