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Harlem is a constitutional monarchy? Gee, I never knew that!
x-post WAYWRN - AE Sevens, Pantherella socks, BB trousers . . .
Friday, an early day for me, after a busy week. We're expecting rain in NYC this afternoon, and it's cooling down a bit, so I've giving the winter wardrobe another last airing before dry cleaner hibernation.Sports jacket - Chester Barrie, via Austin ReedShirt & trousers - BBBow tie - Paul StuartPS - AshearShoes - AE Sevens [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - C & J, BB socks, Paul Stuart suit trousers . . .
Attending a morning meeting across the Hudson with representatives of the Federal Reserve. Happily, all I have to do is lend moral support.Suit - Paul StuartShirt - BBTie - CharvetCufflinks - Benson & Clegg, LondonBraces - Paul StuartShoes - C & J [[SPOILER]]
Digging into the archives again, and violating the old dictum that "blue and green should never be seen".Suit, shirt, & tie - TyrwhittCufflinks - The London Badge & Button Co.PS - no name brandShoes - Septieme Largeur [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - Septieme Largeur shoes, Pantherella socks, Tyrwhitt suit trousers . . .
x-post WAYWRN - Stefano Branchini shoes, J & M socks, BB suit trousers . . .
Another three-piece suit out of the archives . . . .Suit - BBGFShirt & tie - BBCufflinks - TyrwhittPS - Drake's via the Armoury, NYCVintage watch chainShoes - Stefano Branchini, via Bergdorf Goodman [[SPOILER]]
A new week, the return of sunshine to the NYC area, and a suit that's been out of rotation for a long time - too long.Suit - RLPLShirt - BB MTMTie - BBCufflinks - Deakin & Francis, via DeNatale, NYCVintage watch chainPS - Alain FigaretShoes - Magnanni for Bergdorf Goodman [[SPOILER]]
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