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Merci, SYCSYC. It certainly engendered a lot of different entries - everyone has their own take on color. Best of luck to all the participants!
Poll is up: http://www.styleforum.net/t/470772/friday-challenge-for-2015-04-03-get-some-color-in-your-life
Friday Challenge poll for 2015/04/03 is up: http://www.styleforum.net/t/470772/friday-challenge-for-2015-04-03-get-some-color-in-your-life
Compilation post - for ease of reference:
Thank you, Victor, for your suggestions. The jacket has already been re-tailored once - I will consult with my alteration tailor to see what can be done about it again. As for the trousers, going forward, I'll only be buying flat-front chinos, in my current size, rather than pleated chinos in a size larger than I am now - the downside of losing weight. Spasibo, tovarish!
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Today's attire was chosen with the weather in mind (it is to rain this afternoon in NYC), and it illustrates the downside of non-iron chinos - attempting to have them tailored leaves traces of their original configuration all over the place - grrrr.Well, at least it's Friday, and not cold. Continuing with the Easter egg color scheme from yesterday, today's ensemble.Blazer & trousers - BBShirt - TyrwhittTie - Andrew's TiesCufflinks - Penhaligon'sPS - no name brandShoes -...
I just tried that for myself - whoa, that was some scary shit I posted back in the day (there are photos dating back to 2012). Makes me appreciate the journey . . .
I have been known to lead people into temptation - nothing new there .
With regard to the quality of photography posted here, it's always a treat to see photos from Victor and others who have the means, photographic equipment, and time to post professional-quality photos (in Victor's case, with some awesome clothes as well). For myself, my photos are not art - they're documentation. I am glad that the lighting in my living room has been improved by the use of a new lamp with LED bulbs (the previous lamp couldn't take LED's, and the light...
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