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Cold weather has returned to NYC, and I've broken out some more flannel to face the day.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeWaistcoat - Ede & Ravenscroft, LondonShirt & cufflinks - BBTie - Andrew's TiesPS - New & Lingwood, LondonBoots - Paul SmithOvercoat - BBScarf - Fortnum & Mason, LondonHat - Christys', via Fortnum & Mason [[SPOILER]]
I share the same problems as Andy57, with the same provisional solutions - extra seat, behind one's seat (a corner banquette in a restaurant is optimal for this - always a shelf in the corner for the hat), and, when desperate, on the (hopefully) clean floor. Otherwise, the hat either is carried, or remains clamped to my head, and yes, I yearn for the days when hats were more common, and thus proper storage for same was more common too.Just the price for looking extra good
x-post WAYWRN - Septieme Largeur shoes, Pantherella socks, Phineas Cole suit trews . . .
After yesterday's miserable rain, it has dried off, and I'm back, playing with one of my new toys.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetPS - Robert TalbottBraces - Paul StuartCufflinks - Benson & Clegg, LondonShoes - Septieme Largeur, ParisTopcoat - Turnbull & AsserScarf - Hickey FreemanHat - Selentino, via JJ Hat Center [[SPOILER]]
x-post from WAYWRN - dinner at the Leopard at des Artistes, then views from our soon-to-be-completely renovated apartment.
Shots from New Year's Eve 2016 - dinner at the Leopard at des Artistes, then a long stroll to our new apartment (on the verge of being finally ready for permanent occupancy) for an evening of "camping out, Manhattan style".
Nathaniel and Rose thought so, but the editors had other ideas . . .Thank you.Nice try, but no. I've known my husband for 15 years, and my evil influence may have rubbed off, but my husband decides on his own wardrobe, thank you.Thanks, WraithMerci, Luger.
Link to thread "Stills from Upr_crust's photo shoot for "We Are Dandy": http://www.styleforum.net/t/534627/stills-from-upr-crusts-photo-shoot-for-we-are-dandy
Photos 29-35:
Photos 22-28:
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