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+1 - solid blue shirt would have been much better, though the shape of the jacket is awesome (more close-fitting than some might like, but it's your style - it works for you).
"Younger" is an accurate term from my perspective - my next birthday will be my 60th .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Monday, and the temperatures have become more moderate in NYC, obviating the need for a waistcoat for today, at least.Suit - New & LingwoodShirt - Hilditch & KeyTie - BBBraces - LewinCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtShoes - Florsheim Royal Imperial (Magnanni)Overcoat - BBScarf - Paul StuartCap - Stetson via JJ Hat Center [[SPOILER]]
So far, Clags' prediction that Pappersskatt would take this challenge seems to be coming true. I'd like to thank all of the participants in this challenge - certainly not an ordinary one, subject-matter wise, and I'm glad that the challenge didn't prove to be so off-putting as to limit the field.
This week's Friday Challenge poll is up - gentlemen, start your engines! http://www.styleforum.net/t/443852/the-friday-challenge-2014-12-12-retro-detailing
In certain (though not all) cases, yes it does. It depends entirely on whether the gentleman in question likes his partner for the body under the clothes, for the clothes themselves, or for the person inside the body, as reflected by the clothes. There are large numbers of men who want men only under the first circumstance; some who want them only under the second, and, but happily for me, there are some who want them under the third, which is how I have my current partner.
Oh, behave yourself, Noodle-head - he's a married man and so are you. (I can't decide whether that line is more perverse and threatening if Noodle said it or I said it . . .)
I'm simply happy that people are participating and enjoying the challenge (I will assume enjoyment - otherwise, they would not participate). As for Papperskatt's certain victory, note that the voting public can be quite fickle and unpredictable, for all sorts of capricious reasons - after all, I won last week's and who would have predicted that?
And such a lovely Princess Aurora she is as well!
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