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Considering the self-described derivation of Coxsackie's cyber-moniker, "Rooster Scrotum" is no less refined (besides, in French, "sac" is "bag", such as a shopping bag - a "sac a dos" is a backpack - not necessarily a ball sac ).
Merci bien pour les complimentes, M. CoqSac.
Taking advantage of the lower humidity and more moderate temperatures locally, I've dragged out a three-piece for today's attire.Suit - TyrwhittShirt - H & KTie - BBCufflinks - Metropolitan Museum of ArtShoes - Paul Stuart house brand [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN . . .
I'll make sure that my sphincter is as pure as the driven snow if ever I meet you.
It's nice to see that fatherhood hasn't dampened your particularly suggestive sense of humor.
Maple leaves - which is what they are - British Columbian jade - souvenirs of a recent visit to Vancouver.
Thanks - lighter shirt with same tie and PS might also work better, but in the fog of a mild hangover, and with limited time this AM (the annoyances of an 8:30 AM conference call being what they are), I grabbed the wrong blue shirt. Oops.
I put out the appeal to anyone who was present to cough up the selfies, but for myself, I was too busy eating, drinking and chatting to be bothered with photographic chores - my bad!
I would like to publicly thank Mr. Claymore for taking on the role of social director last night, as last night's dinner/drinks at Nocello was most enjoyable. A large number of people showed up, but we all crowded in where we could and made do with the space provided (we were competing for space with a large group having a business presentation of some sort). Sartorialists and squash players made conversation, and some of our more notable personalities made an appearance...
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