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Thursday, and cold in NYC - time for a three-piece suit in flannel.Suit - BB MTMShirt, tie, and scarf - BBCufflinks - WedgwoodPS - AshearVintage watch chainShoes - Magnanni for Bergdorf GoodmanOvercoat - AdolfoHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]] More photos from the trip, including photos with Bernoulli, who played tour guide for us part of the time we were in Rome: [[SPOILER]] Note that, in the last photo, I'm standing on a bench.
Thank you for your concern. The hip (well, actually the pelvic bones) is about 98% back to normal, and the cane is only a stylistic affectation now. As for weight control, living with my husband, a person with very strict ideas on portion control, helped immensely.
x-post WAYWRN - a tie I rarely wear, due to its color, though I believe that it can be worn successfully.
Back from Italy, and more or less on EST, though that varies with the time of day.Today's attire was put together this morning, in haste.Suit - BB MTMShirt - Harvie & HudsonTie - PRLCufflinks - Corcione, Largo di San Martino, NaplesPS - Robert TalbottShoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brandOvercoat - BBHat - Selentino, via JJ Hat CenterScarf - Thomas Farthing, London [[SPOILER]] Some lifestyle photos from Naples - outside of the Palazzo Reale, inside the palace, and then the...
x-post WAYWRN - Bergdorf Goodman house brand shoes, BB socks and suit trews . . .
Totally off topic, but, as I am spending today the prisoner of airports and airplanes, I will beg indulgence. In my trip to Naples and Rome I noted one great mystery - where are the toilet seats? None of the men's rooms in any public institution in either city had toilet seats (though the Musei Vaticani had one, but the Vatican isn't a public institution per se). Why would this be?
There was lively voting, but in the end, Sebastian won it by a whisker, or, perhaps more accurately, an eyebrow .
As I can attest that Tits is an excellent lunchtime companion.
That was a very strange dream indeed. I have not driven a car since 1989.The trip is winding down fast, and our rendezvous with Bernoulli ended yesterday evening when he took off for the airport and parts eastward. We can attest to his vast knowledge of Rome and its delights, and his presence in Rome during part of our stay greatly enhanced our enjoyment of the city.So far, very little swag from the trip, only a pair of cameo cufflinks from a shop in Naples near the...
Sorry to disappoint, but I will be leaving this fair city tomorrow, not enough time for fine tailoring. I will be in Rome for six nights, which might result in some ready-made swag, but nothing bespoke. Today was taken up with visiting Pompeii, in the rain, no less. At least there weren't any problems with crowds.
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