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It continues to be warm, if sunny and with low humidity, here in NYC. I bought today's bow tie to coordinate with today's sports jacket, when I had the jacket made two years ago, but I don't think that I've ever worn it before. For better or worse, then . . .Jacket - BB MTMShirt and trousers - BBTie - JABPS - no name brandShoes - BB [[SPOILER]]
Thank you, Spoo. Your new Isaia jacket is very handsome - wear it in good health - and goes well with the vintage Foot-Joys.It would seem that you like me in "relaxed mode", which is not my normal mode of presentation here in this thread - either that, or you just want my jacket from today . Either way, the compliment is much appreciated.
x-post WAYWRN - Tyrwhitt shoes, BB socks and trousers . . .
With Clags, there's a difference?It's still quite warm in NYC, though alleged to be low humidity, but I've skipped wearing a tie in any case.Jacket - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt & trousers - BBPS - Robert TalbottShoes - Tyrwhitt [[SPOILER]]
That part of town is Murray Hill - an area due east of Fifth Avenue, and approximately due south of Grand Central Station.
A very warm day predicted for today, hence resorting to seersucker.Suit & shirt - BBTie - no name brand, from a discounter now out of businessShoes - New & Lingwood [[SPOILER]] Lifestyle photo - Husband and I on the roof deck of our soon-to-be new residence, after showing off the work-in-progress apartment to a friend and a relation yesterday afternoon. [[SPOILER]]
x-post WAYWRN - New & Lingwood shoes, BB socks and suit trousers . . .
Do you know how many trips to the emergency room for opthamological problems that combo has engendered? Two items in patchwork madras give Op Art a run for its money for giving people eyesight issues. However, if anyone in this life could get away with it, it's you.
He ought to be very careful about that - the last photos that I saw of him, he might be mistakenly sold off as frozen whale carcass.
Both of the above statements are true. Most of us could not show up at work in that which would be perfectly normal at Pitti Uomo, and many of us (including myself) do not have the sensibility to dress as they do there. Most of us will try our best to emulate the spirit of Pitti, but recognize that most of us will fall short of the peacockery that runs rampant in Firenze twice a year.
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