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It's Friday - time to be creative. With the cooler weather coming into NYC today, I thought it time to bring today's suit out of hibernation, and to try matching it with today's waistcoat. Ignore the braces in the close-up shot - I had forgotten that this suit doesn't have brace buttons sewn into it - a chore I shall have to see to soon.Happy Friday, in any case.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - BBTie - CornelianiPS - Robert TalbottWaistcoat - Ede & Ravenscroft,...
I'm not as dull as I look, JC.
Strangely enough, not everyone likes to drag themselves out of a K-hole after dosing themselves with ketamine (not that I've ever indulged in such things . . .)
I think that he's gotten enough thumbs up to motivate him to post again, without resorting to tranquilizer darts. Agreed that he should stick around - choosing a jacket to perfectly match one's beard color is very next-level.
Hey, I didn't name the hat model, Selentino did, and I'm sure that they didn't name it with only myself (or others of my social sub-strata) in mind as a "niche market".
You're just figuring that out? You are definitely a little slow on the uptake, or just painfully polite , , ,
x-post WAYWRN - Bexley shoes, Missoni Sport socks, BB suit trousers . . .
The weather in NYC promises to be warm and wet by the afternoon, so I've eschewed outerwear, and have chosen a suit soon destined to be sent to the dry cleaner's. The suit is black, which seems to demand a white shirt, and a splash of color for the tie.Suit - BBGF RegentShirt & cufflinks - BBTie - Paul StuartShoes - Bexley [[SPOILER]]
Is not Russian Tsar - Is Vladimir Ilych Ulyanov - Is Lenin! Da, da, da, horosho . . .
Those hooves look like the byproduct of a night of passion between a pair of Chucks and a Vera Bradley duffel bag - a most unnatural pairing. What has been seen cannot be unseen (though perhaps obscene) . . . .Speaking of Astrakhan, I've tried on a couple of hats in astrakhan - not really my thing, as it turns out.
New Posts  All Forums: