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x-post WAYWRN - Paul Stuart house brand shoes, BB socks, Phineas Cole suit trews . . .
Were I a betting man, I would say that Alex was standing in front of Les Invalides - n'est ce pas?
You're welcome, Leanderthal! Meteorology always is an inconvenience for making the best choices for one's attire. The boots are great - but with jeans, cords, or other beefy, cold-weather fabrics, IMHO. That being said, just because you broke out your Chelseas today, I will have to see if the weather in NYC this week will allow me to work boots into my attire - you've infected me with your boot-mania .
I think that your Chelsea boots would have worked better had your trousers been a little longer, and the boots themselves a little sleeker in the toe. Otherwise, I can well understand attempting to push the season for fall clothes - I am currently crestfallen that summer weather has returned for a few days here in NYC.
No fit pics from today (it's to be rainy and nasty in NYC today), but a couple of shots from last night's one year anniversary dinner with my husband, at the Leopard at des Artistes, where our wedding dinner was held. A good time was had by all (along with a lot of food!).
x-post WAYWRN - Harris shoes, BB socks and suit trews . . .
Today I am playing "suit roulette" - taking a suit out of the archives, where it has sat unworn for several months, and seeing whether or not it fits. I believe that today was moderately successful in that regard. A change in the suit rotation, in any case.Suit - BBShirt - TyrwhittTie - CharvetPS - Robert TalbottCufflinks - DVVS, NYCShoes - Harris, via Barney's, Boston [[SPOILER]]
Yes, whatever would we do without the advice and insights of the sniggering classes?
x-post WAYWRN and the Friday Challenge . . .
My entry - ya want blue? I'll give ya blue . . .
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