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Friday, a day for purple and funky socks (now with proper pictures, courtesy of Photobucket reviving itself). . .Suit - BBShirt - BB MTMTie - CharvetCufflinks - TyrwhittPS - BBShoes - Septieme Largeur, ParisOvercoat - BBScarf - Frank Stella, NYCHat - Selentino [[SPOILER]]
That truly would melt brains.
Tits, first off, welcome back. Secondly, you really should not have stripped that 60's vintage couch of its upholstery just to have a jacket made from the material. Naughty you . . .
I'm surprised that Koala didn't show a still from "X-Men", since the resemblance between SeaJen and the character portrayed by Hugh Jackman is really the driving force behind his posting. (Were someone to compare my physical resemblance to Hugh Jackman, I would be flattered - then I would look for the person's white cane and sunglasses . . . ).
Friday, a day for purple and funky socks . . . Suit - BB Shirt - BB MTM Tie - Charvet Cufflinks - Tyrwhitt PS - BB Shoes - Septieme Largeur, Paris Overcoat - BB Scarf - Frank Stella, NYC Hat - Selentino Pictures to follow - Photobucket is having technical issues . . . .
I've done this trip three or four times already, and the first Eurostar to Paris leaves at O-dark-hundred hours (mine will leave around 8:30 AM). I should be in Paris for about six hours or so - a couple of museums (the Fondation Louis Vuitton in the Bois de Bologne and the Musee du Quai Branly), and maybe some shopping apres. Back in London by 8:00 PM local time.
Note that the top two buttons on Simon's suit are less widely spaced apart than Hugo's, and that the gorge of the suit is narrower and higher, and the shoulders have a greater slope than Hugo's (with Cifonelli's trademark roped sleeves). Those factors make Simon look a bit taller than Hugo.
You are a shameless flatterer, Andy, but as it is, it would be an inconvenience for me to win this week's FC, as I will be traveling to London, starting next Thursday evening, and dependent on hotel wi-fi and a tablet - not an ideal arrangement for the administration of an FC. While there I will have the pleasure of meeting up with one or two of the natives, before making a kamikaze day trip to Paris (2016/02/10) and a more leisurely sojourn to Lisbon on the 13th.
SF's iron fist on style does not seem to extend to pubs/drinking establishments in Romania.
As opposed to myself, merely a relic from the east coast of Murrica . . . Nelton/MeachamLakeCongratulations and wear your new (to you, at least) double-breasted suits in good health, Both show the criticality of button stance (more critical for DB suits perhaps even than SB's). You've both noted that the button stance seems to be a bit low on your suits - for comparison, see Andy57's posting between yours. I would agree that, in my experience, DB suit jackets tend to...
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