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I am flattered by all the attention and comments. Now I merely have to live up to your collective expectations.
x-post WAYWRN (and my 2,500th posting here - yikes!) . . .
It continues cool in NYC - the last week of this wintry weather, I hope. [[SPOILER]]
Enjoy your Stoli/cran - I'm still slaving away at the office (and an 8:00 AM conf. call tomorrow - feh).
Banking in the US is open for business on Good Friday - though not the exchanges.
I'm working tomorrow, and jeans are verboten at my office, so I'm out. I'll post my train wreck in WAYWRN as usual . . .
Fret not - I've gotten a couple of 20+ thumbs up, and yes, the details of my "looks" are very retro - much like their owner .
Oh,,yes, that's me - "Rebel without a Clue".
It's interesting to be the outlier (or sartorial outlaw, on occasion). I'm pleased when I get thumbs up, but rarely does the number go to 20 or above, but often in the 10+ range, which I think is just fine - more than fine, actually. I realize that my style isn't everyone's cup of tea (to say the least), but it's pleasant when it gets acknowledged in a positive way.
x-post WAYWRN
New Posts  All Forums: