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It's not just your phone. Perhaps the OP was working with the premise of the previous week's Friday Challenge?
I'm not familiar with Absolue Pour Le Matin. For reference, I regularly use Trumper's Skye, and would use either Hermes Eau de l'Orange Vert or Asprey Purple Water, save for the fact that my skin eats the scent - it disappears about five minutes after I douse myself with it.
Ah - light dawns on Marblehead (it was an early morning this morning.
Sorry that your employment at Penhaligon's was not more to your liking. I have a critical mass of their colognes, though the newest blends are not to my taste - most are much too strong for me. Annoyingly, they also seem to discontinue those colognes which I do like, or re-issue them after re-formulation, and screw up the scent.
If you can see my cologne, I am sure that the Department of Defense would be interested in your enhanced visual abilities . . .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
This is NOT my official entry into this week's challenge - yesterday's posting was - but since I played by the rules, I'm posting the results.
An alternate design solution for the Friday Challenge.Suit - Paul Stuart/Phineas ColeShirt - BB MTMTie - BBBraces - New & Lingwood, LondonCufflinks - Niletti Creations, NYCPS - AshearShoes - Finsbury, ParisPenhaligon's Douro [[SPOILER]]
Your shoulders certainly are amazing, but they would need to be, to carry around that head of yours . . .
Oh, did I miss something - did Spoo pass away?
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