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As much as I think your posting today is thumbs-up-able, I had to give you a thumbs up on the tie (and the cause behind it) alone, having exercised my right to marriage equality once (in Massachusetts in 2008), and seeking to do so again soon (no bigamy here - I was made a widower in 2009).
Thank you, Victor. You are hardly alone in your estimation that I look better in lighter colors, and earth tones, and, if the weather in NYC ever warms up a bit, I'll break out the lighter grey and brown suits. Spasibo!
It was a most challenging of challenges, though we need some that will stretch our imaginations a bit every once in a while, and thank you, bienluienapris, for the vote, and the compliment.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Yet the start to another work week, and it's only just beginning to warm up here in NYC, hence the wintry look. At least my braces today are yellow - maybe they will encourage the weather to get warmer.Suit - New & LingwoodShirt - TyrwhittTie - PRLCufflinks - Penhaligon'sPS - Robert TalbottBraces - BBShoes - Finsbury, ParisOvercoat - Joseph AbboudCap - Christy's, via Thomas Farthing, LondonScarf - Johnston's of Elgin [[SPOILER]]
My proper entry - white silk pocket square, silver & black enamel cufflinks, black silk socks . . . My "train wreck" entry - all of the above, with a silk waistcoat and patent leather shoes . . .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
The Friday Challenge is to integrate items from a formal outfit into one's normal daytime attire. With today's outfit, I think that I'm bridging the gap between day and evening, and have included a white silk pocket square, cufflinks best suited for a tuxedo, a cream silk scarf, and black silk socks (with sock suspenders). I also did an over-the-top version - adding a grey silk waistcoat, and patent leather shoes. This was done for comedic purposes only.Suit - BBGF...
Hey, that's Stichy's line!
I would have thought that I'd win on general train-wreck-itude .
New Posts  All Forums: