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I am delighted that the picture of Cleav and myself attracted 48 thumbs-up, but I'll put all the credit to Cleav for racking us up such a score (either that, or the bottle of Macon-Villages we demolished over lunch - no wonder we looked happy . . . ). I can't believe that it was only last Friday that we met up - it seems too far in the past, now that I'm back in the US .
That is a shame indeed. I am sure that we would have enjoyed meeting you as well. As it is, I am not staying far from your photo venue - a short term flat rental in St. James (don't be too impressed, however - the flat is smaller than our hotel room in Istanbul.
I correct myself slightly. The hat worn by the young Atatürk was a roughly cylindrical Persian lamb, flaring out slightly from bottom to top. The photo may have been from his years in the Turkish army. If you are told that you look like Atatürk, take it as a compliment, he was considered quite hansdsome as a young man.As for why I did not wear my Homburg to Istanbul, it had much less to do with politics and more with airline logistics. I was afraid that either the new one...
Images of Atatürk are everywhere in Istanbul, regardless of the current regime, and he is still regarded as the father of modern Turkey. Ironically, many of the images are either photos of him when young, wearing a red fez (with brilliant blue eyes), or are portrait photos done in a studio without a hat.
My sense of Vienna, from my previous experience 20 years ago, was that every social exchange had an ironic undertone to it. There is no accident in the fact that the science of psychoanalysis was invented in Vienna.
So sorry. Homburg doesn't pack well, and I was in Istanbul before London, and Istanbul would not have been a good place for a Homburg. I expect to be back in February in the UK, perhaps then I will wear it. (The other anticipated destination is Vienna, which would certainly work with a Homburg - the Viennese are very formal, in my experience.
The pleasure was all ours, Cleav. Cleav is truly charming, and lunch went by only too fast.
Cleav is growing the 'stache for Movember - it's an act of charity, and I am sure will disappear the 1st of December.
My partner and I had the pleasure of attending the Styleforum trunk show (thanks Fok, for arranging it), and meeting several of the vendors there, particularly Kent Wang and Aaron (I am one pocket square richer for the experience) and the gentlemen from No Man Walks Alone, who went well out of their way to assist my partner in trying on a pair of Vass wingtips (unhappily lasted for a foot shape at odds with my partner's feet, but quite gorgeous). All the wares shown were...
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