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I'm in, and I'm sure that whatever tie I choose for this challenge, it will fall outside of CBD - how far remains to be seen.
DSLR - no; Tripod - yes, with a Canon G1X.
x-post WAYWRN. All the talk in the MC Casual thread about brogues (chunky or not) made me want to wear my one pair of LWB's - not exactly RL Marlows, but I like them well enough.
The weather is alleged to be cooling off a bit, and the air drying out, so I'm back in a suit for today. Today's attire is about as close to "conservative business dress" as I am capable of coming. [[SPOILER]]
I got that distinct feeling when Matt, with a pleading voice, asked if he might measure my skull (outside, on the corner of 58th St. and Third Ave. - not my usual venue for taking a fitting, but more than sufficient to the task, spontaneous as it was). I cannot remember last when someone took such delight in taking one of my measurements (and no, not THAT one - get your mind out of the gutter!). A grey Homburg is on my wish list, and Matt's expert advice as to its shape...
One of the limitations of the Internet is that "tone of voice" does not come through - hence the rise of emoticons. Irony well taken.
I do believe that we did hold it down, and, despite rumors to the contrary, I'm not that hard to meet . . .
It was obviously a dream - you'd never risk injury to the G & G's, no matter how drunk you were.Best of luck with the interview, in any case.
I seem to have permanently damaged someone's sensibilities - oh dear, how unfortunate. So sorry.
Let me thank Mr. Claymore for arranging last night's gathering of the iGent clan, and Tony, the manager of Bar Vetro, for taking such good care of us, and the cast of characters for making it a most entertaining evening - Mr. Claymore, the Thin White Duke, Tirailleur, Matt Deckard (he of The Fedora Lounge fame), the master tailor Rory Duffy, and, of course, myself. Food and drink were consumed, much schmoozing was done, and general merriment was had by all. Photos were...
New Posts  All Forums: