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x-post WAYWRN MC Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, Pantherella socks, BB trousers . . .
Day Three of Linen - I don't know whether I'm finding the wrinkles tiresome, or I'm merely tired of the heat and humidity causing me to wear linen. Arghhh, in any case . . . Shirt - Lewin Trousers - BB Shoes - Tyrwhitt
I think that depends on which side of the war you were fighting on. For myself, I thought that SycSyc's ensemble was perfectly fine.
I am sure that there are many worse fates in this world than to be built like either Murl or Chulillo .
Not only was your accuser under-dressed, he was also a bit color-blind.
x-post WAYWRN MC Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, BB socks and trousers.
You? Freemasonry? Quelle Scandale!!!
Day Two of Linen. Shirt & trousers - BB Shoes - Tyrwhitt
x-post WAYWRN MC Casual . . . As per a private request - attributions: Shoes, socks, trousers - all BB
In NYC, the weather will be steamy for the next several days - linen is called for. Shirt - Lewin Trousers - BB Shoes - BB
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