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Yeah, the short Jewish kid with the slingshot.
There's a difference between one and the other?
Part of the reason that many of us are on this forum (or forums like it) is that it is a relatively rare thing for men to care about their attire to the extent that we (as a group) do. The Internet erases geographic limitations insofar as bringing together people with specialized interests - hence all our involvements here.
As Stitchy said - a little bit, but not necessarily to the point where sartorial surgery would be necessary, IMHO.Soporific Nirvana is not in your personality - don't change your style just to curry favor with the local mindset.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
So far, in NYC today, it's a grey day. Grey day, black suit.Suit - Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece RegentShirt & tie - Brooks Bros.Cufflinks - TiffanyShoes - Crockett & Jones EdgwaresPenhaligon's Douro [[SPOILER]]
I will join you in that regard, as my results were in the same numeric league as yours - holding my head up high in public, while cueing "Tears of a Clown" on the mental eight-track tape player (sorry, my brain is old - it doesn't have a CD player ).
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Something unchallenging with which to start the sartorial week.Suit - BB FitzgeraldShirt & tie - BBCufflinks - The London Badge & Button Co.PS - Robert TalbottShoes - AE Sevens TresanoTrumper's Skye [[SPOILER]]
According to Google, lovat is a muted shade of green, used particularly for tweeds and woolens.
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