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I am sure that I am recovering well, given the nature of the fracture, but that doesn't change my impatience with the recovery process. I am delighted, however, not to have a "shark bite" scar on my ass (or anywhere else, thank you).Today in history, due to some accident of the calendar, there are only entries from 2010-2013, and all taken in the very yellow light of compact fluorescent bulbs. The replacement of the living room floor lamp with one that could take LED's...
Very kind of you to say, though I credit the good gentlemen of these fora in improving my style, by instruction and example, yourself included.
Thank you for the good wishes for a speedy recover, and glad that you are enjoying the thread, even when some of the early shots are cringe-inducing, at least for me.For suits, Stuart's has been my drug of choice of late for the most part, though my expenditures on new real estate have sucked up a great deal of the discretionary spending of late.
Thanks for the tribute - the suit is Tyrwhitt, yes? That's the one that we both own. You wear it well!
The march, backwards through time continues . . . October 24th 2011: 2012: 2013: 2014: There is little that I can say about today's posting, other than the suits from 2011 and 2012 are still in my closet, but have been altered to fit the somewhat smaller me. Otherwise, less contrasts between early photos and late ones than in previous posting, perhaps. I am gratified, however, that this thread is, by the count of viewings, of some interest to the...
Thank God for Google Translate, or I would be imagining that you two are passing state secrets in plain sight.
I can verify that it did indeed hurt quite a lot - happily, much less now, with drugs and keeping weight off the leg.I will most likely go nuts whether or not I am working from home, though working from home has now merely pointed out the inane bureaucratic nature of most of what I do for a living. It does, however, beat boredom by a mile.
Working from home is no problem - I've been fully functional that way since I came home from the hospital on October 11th.
It occurred as a result of my own stupidity, and a freak accident. I fell while running for the elevator in my apartment building, sliding leftwards, and doing a one-point landing on my pelvic bone, a fracture of my right acetabulum, making the use of my right leg very painful. The fracture is stable, so all I need do is keep off of it, as best as possible, for six to eight weeks, while the bone knits itself back together.
I have dated photo files, but no written record of the actual attire - that would be more work than it would be worth.
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