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Short for "luxury douche".
x-post WAYWRN MC Casual . . .
A warm, humid day with promise of thunderstorms later on - linen and "beater" shoes are the order of the day.
Who you callin' bitches, you hoochie ho freakazoid?BTW - welcome back.
Earlier this week, you blue yourself, and now you've decided to go FU all the way. Is there something about the advent of warm weather, or the ending of the academic year that has somehow made you hormonally hyperactive? If so, please enjoy . . .
For the challenge, then . . .
x-post WAYWRN . . .
It's Friday - a sports jacket, some rather silly socks, and a striped tie for the Friday Challenge . . . [[SPOILER]]
Lagerfeld is rather short (5'6" or thereabouts, from what I remember of one glancing sighting at Saks Fifth Avenue), and he had been quite fat, before losing a large amount of weight, such that his collar height could be a most eccentric (if effective) hiding place for the wattles of his neck. Or it could be just because he's Karl Lagerfeld.
Thanks, Stitchy. In all honesty, I believe that, directly after seeing the photo of the BB MTM D/B suit, I think that I took it into BB for alterations, to slim down the waist of the jacket, and to take in the legs of the trousers. When the weather cools enough, I'll have to drag out the BB suit and see if it comes closer in fit to the Stuart's.
New Posts  All Forums: