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x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, Lorenzo Uomo socks, BB trews . . .
Still hot, maybe not as humid, but not suit-wearing weather, certainly. BB shirt and trews, with Tyrwhitt shoes.
Sorry that you've had crap with which to deal - your presence in these threads is always welcome.Were you in NYC, I'd suggest, as a treat for yourself, a professional shoe shine, which always gives me a little lift when I've had a bad day. I don't know if such things exist in Paris. Your suit from Friday looks lovely - your Septieme Largeurs could use some attention, when you've the chance.
x-post WAYWRN CM Casual - BB shoes and trews, Pantherella socks . . .
It's to be hot and humid today in NYC, and for most of this week, I believe - either hot and humid, or rainy. Such is late July in the Northern Hemisphere. All linen today, and all BB - shirt, trews, shoes.
It's an excellent activity to pay other people to do.That being said, I also note that I share JCMeyer's observation that to iron a shirt can be satisfying experience, but to attempt to iron trousers is an infuriating one.
Oh, really? Drumsticks or thighs? KFC or Popeye's? Extra crispy, or extra spicy?
Coordinating one's attire to one's sofa occurs only once in a lifetime (or at least once in the life of the sofa).For the record, the current sofa count is one, though once my husband and I move to our new apartment, the sofa count will rise to two (one sectional, one sleep sofa, and not the current sofa).More on that as news occurs . . .
x-post WAYWRN MC Casual - Tyrwhitt shoes, Pantherella socks, BB trews . . .
It's Friday, and it's predicted to be hot and humid, so I've dispensed with suits and tie for the week. Shirt & trews - BB Shoes - Tyrwhitt
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