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He IS a terrific fella, but the two of us having fit battles with Braddock/Sander pits two talented amateurs against two professionals in the menswear business - not quite a fair fight (though perhaps capable of producing some potentially spectacular photos).
My partner doesn't participate on SF (or AAAC, for that matter), so "none of the above" is the correct answer. He does, however, exist - Stitchy, PB, and Cleav have all met him (and vice versa).
My partner and I both have a pronounced taste for CM, and we influence each other's tastes. This makes for very crowded closets.We ate once at Cafe Schwarzenberg, but did not have the potato croquettes. I do remember having the fiakergulash (goulash with a fried egg and a wurstel), and my partner had the Wiener schnitzel, with a chocolate mousse cake, and an Esterhazy cake for dessert. It was a pleasant place in which to hide out on a rainy Sunday evening.
I would tend to agree, on two counts - first, I am prejudiced in his favor - and second, it was under my evil influence that he was enticed to buy that suit - winter sales at Paul Stuart this past post-Xmas. I am fairly sure that, without my taste for PS, that my partner would never have ventured through its front door.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Snow today in NYC, though allegedly the last of the truly wintry weather for the time being.Suit - New & LingwoodShirt - Thomas PinkTie - BBBraces - LewinPS - BBCufflinks - Thomas PinkShoes - Bergdorf Goodman house brandRaincoat - BurberryScarf - AquascutumHat - Weatherproof [[SPOILER]] Lifestyle photo - my partner and I before dinner at Le Ciel, Grand Hotel Wien, in our hotel room. Partner wished his face to be obscured - he hasn't any of my exhibitionist tendencies ...
As it is, the "lifestyle" photo was taken by my partner with his Canon G1X, which is the same camera which I use every day for my postings. There is a lot to be said for sitting next to an open window with filtered light - that Johannes Vermeer guy may have been onto something with his use of this lighting scheme.As for the table, I'm glad that it wasn't gone - I needed a place for my lunch!
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Day three of "back to the office", and the weather in NYC has morphed from snow to rain - for the moment, at least.Suit - BBShirt - Chester Barrie, via Austin Reed (part of the swag from the recent vacation)Tie - CharvetCufflinks - Museum of Fine Arts, BostonPS - Robert TalbottShoes - Stefano Branchini, via Bergdorf GoodmanRaincoat - BurberryScarf - ZegnaHat - Weatherproof [[SPOILER]] Lifestyle photo - from the cafe of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna [[SPOILER]]
Awesome post, mein boychik, and particularly awesome footwear.
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