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x-post WAYWRN . . .
One last chance to wear this attire before the heat of late spring/early summer descends upon NYC.Sports jacket - Chester Barrie, via Austin Reed, LondonShirt, bow tie, trousers, shoes - BBPS - New & Lingwood, London [[SPOILER]]
They are certainly distinctive, and the design certainly accomplished your intention. They are bolder a design than I think that I could wear, but I admire your vision to have them made for you. Wear them in good health!
Those are some remarkable shoes - details, please?
x-post WAYWRN - Canali shoes, Gold Toe socks . . .
One hopes orange enough . . .
The weather today in NYC is cool, almost autumnal, and today's color scheme reflects that. As it is, the Friday Challenge is to integrate something orange into one's attire - here is my attempt at that design problem.Suit, shirt, tie - BBPS - Robert TalbottCufflinks - Century 21 (the discount store in lower Manhattan, not the real estate brokerage) - cased Venetian glass tesserae, clear glass over cobalt, with gold leaf in between.Shoes - Canali [[SPOILER]]
"Troppo" is Italian, "de trop" is French, but both mean "too much".As for today's cufflinks, I like them a lot, but find that they're impossible to wear with double-cuffed shirts made for the US market - the buttonholes in the sleeves for cufflinks are smaller on US-market shirts than UK-market - more than likely the fact that in the UK, double-faced cufflinks such as mine today are more the custom than in the US, where toggle backs are more common.
x-post WAYWRN . . .
Coxsackie, everyone in this life needs a bit of "de trop" now and again - good that you enjoyed it.Speaking of "de trop", my attire today is a bit of overkill for the occasion, but I enjoy it.Out to dinner with old friends this evening.Suit - BBGF RegentShirt - TyrwhittTie - CanaliPS - Alain FigaretCufflinks - Budd, LondonShoes - C & J [[SPOILER]]
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