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Try Mismo, a Dutch bag company. They have some canvas bags that fit the description.
Here you go, this is what you're looking for, Tart Optical, FDR model in black
Anyone has any experience with the quality of this Dutch bag maker?
Same here, i have six pairs of Incotex. I have three basic chino rules to get the preppy look: 1) always cuff them (like Phat Guido's post above); 2) must be slim fitted and 3) must be a heavy material.
try Tart Optical, FDR model, i have all four colours
Yes, discounts are standard at any jewellery store in HK. But the discount will depend on the model and supply etc. Shop around as discount levels can vary from shop to shop. Try Prince Jewellery, they are reputable and they have several outlets both on the island and Kowloon. But if you go to a standalone IWC store (there's one in Central) then there will be NO discount.
Simple, either nothing or Sunspel tee
Berluti - there are two stores, one on the island and the other in Kowloon.
don't always trust what you read in the papers lad Anyone familiar with this brand of Italian-made bag?
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