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I'm staying in Midtown, so that should be easy to swing. Thanks!
Nothing? Oh, I am disappoint. -DrP
Good day, gentlemen. It's been a while since I've frequented these forums. Glad to see this fantastic resource continue to thrive. I'm heading out of suburban Canuckistan shortly to do some teaching at a conference, and have arranged a stopover for a couple of days in NYC before coming home. I'll be there Dec 17-20th. I've done the usual touristy sightseeing things on previous trips, so this time around I want to use the opportunity to fill out some gaps in the ol'...
Excuse me digging up and old thread, but there's tragically little available when one does a search for Spier and Mackay. I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd appreciate hearing follow-up from those who have tried them out. Anyone?
I've been using Kinek to receive my packages with nothing but good things to say about their service. I've simply been screwed over by duties and brokerage fees too many times. I'm starting to mentally queue up any US purchases I've been planning so I can scoop them up when I fly out of and back into Buffalo for my conference in San Fran in October.
I hope we're just experiencing growing/launch pains... as it's slow as **** right now.
I saw this via BuzzFeed, and nearly spewed coffee out of my nose."We'll allow toe sneakers/barefoot running shoes. (We may be of the opinion that they're the new Sketchers Shape-Ups... which are the new Crocs. We digress). HOWEVER, toe sneakers with a SUIT? While accepting an honor? Would it have been appropriate to wear regular cross trainers? No. It would not have. Therefore, this doesn't fall in the realm of appropriate, either.On Wednesday, actor Danny Glover...
5.11 Tactical "Covert Dress Shirt" for Concealed Carry - damn polyester content! 5.11 Tactical V-Neck Holster Shirt Woolrich Concealed Carry Chinos Concealment Holster Pocket Undertech Concealed Carry Undergarments - Doc
It's already started to appear in the wild, but not exactly how I expected: like this comment from the discussion thread:There was a guy on pawn stars that tried to sell one of Madoff's watches at a profit (he paid some obscene price) thinking that the brand name and the infamy of the previous owner would get him the price. He wasn't pleased to find out he overpaid by a lot...
I have a gift certificate code which expires on July 31, 2011. There's no way I'm going to use it, so I'm scrambling it here. First PM gets it. Please don't ask if you're not actually going to put it to use. - Doc
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