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At what temperature should I take a veal loin out of the oven at? The recipe says 150 F but I thought that might make it too dry.
They look like a pair of Ralph Lauren I have.
Quote: Originally Posted by Alter The photo isn't great but this pizza I just had at lunch was really nice. I recall a photo a few months back with a pathetic looking egg on top of a pizza...this one was perfectly cooked. I think I'd need a nap if I ate that for lunch!
Quote: Originally Posted by Garbage Mouth lol a lot of it is the spices/seasoning used in that culture's cuisine which lingers on those who eat it I was considering this. I remember seeing a show on the National Geographic channel that showed how people who ate more eggs had worse body odor due to the sulfurs. I wonder if it is an inherited trait among Indians from a history of their diet, and not just because they had a chicken vindaloo...
I have an Indian friend. He refuses to wear deodorant for whatever reason. We played basketball the other day and he started to sweat. He smelt absolutely toxic. Even if I don't use deodorant, my body odor isn't that repugnant. What's the deal? Do all Indians smell like this? Do different ethnicities possess different type of body odor? Is there any evolutionary context to this? Can someone explain? Thanks.
Women endure childbirth, standing is the least a man can do to reciprocate.
I have a few pairs of monogrammed boxers.
Quote: Originally Posted by mordecai Welcome back! Nice purples. Were you just making a salad? Should have added potatoes. That sounds good. How would you prepare the potatoes for a salad?
Quote: Originally Posted by kwilkinson It was pretty cool, man. For both my sister and I, they didn't want us to graduate high school without a stamp in the passport. So they basically gave me 5k and said go wherever you want. That 5k paid for 4 (mom, dad, me, and at the time gf) round-trip tickets, a week in a hotel, and all the spending money for meals and souvenirs and whatnot. Best week of my life man. I'll never forget it. Wow, 5k...
I see, I just have never had large pieces of cheese in my soup like that before.
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