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Quote: Originally Posted by k4lnamja If I was OP, I'd require payment immediately versus later. I honestly would buy this now Same here..but Im 2nd in line i guess he gave his word--he should honor it
Hey fellas, Ive been into the store a couple times and often browse their online stuff--does anyone have experience with their slim or tailor fit shirts? They always have sales--it's basically the same sale year round--from what I've seen it does seem like decent quality--but I just haven't pulled the trigger. Anyone have anything to say about their suits?
Quote: Originally Posted by Drop on Grenson. Cmon you guys are gonna make this man drop the price on these? They shouldve been bought by now!
sure why not!?
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm i missed out on all the ed stuff I wanted (orange cashmere ties, navy grenadine six-fold, etc), so i deserved a solid. PS - anyone interested in incotex pants? =) the viktor and rolf are particularly nice Waiting on my Missioni's.... convincing myself to stay away from those red ones
What color are #2 and #3?
whats the material on #2?
Gotdammit somebody wants my wife to kill me
Interested.... How are the suits cut? Are they regular or more on the slim side? Do you have any other color/size/material combinations available that are unlisted?
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