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Some Big Drops--Check it out
Quote: Originally Posted by c00kz I've been a fan of Hooper's art for some time now. I spoke to him a while back and though I'm not ready to work on a piece his style's been pretty influential on my own ideas. Good stuff. My thomas Hooper Piece in progress wish i had pics handy
Quote: Originally Posted by zerostyle Also deciding if I want to pick these up ... anyone have pictures of merlot with navy/gray slacks? Go there and you can see all the colors with almost any color slack youd imagine wearing with these
Wow all these sales and none of you guys want the summer whites yet?!
arghh too small
If you Order by 8AM EST 4/16 will ship out on 4/16 Priority Mail Some Big Drops. Drops are being made according to demand/inquiry I JUST EDITED 2 size 30 whites to size 34. I knew there ws something off when I was doing leg measurements! This is my 1st ever thread so Im going to try and start off right, with a BANG!!!! I ran into some Incotex in sizes, 30,32 (though I may keep these), 34, 36, and 40 last weekend. I'm going to price these to go cause...
Tried on 30s--waist was fine. Liften my leg up to see how much stretch there was...RIPPPP
Quote: Originally Posted by ThinkDerm epic, as always Holy Sh*t i was happy just scrolling down on my phone slowly waiting for the next item and description of the item. I didnt want it to end
pm sent
Im a windsor type of guy. It was the 1st tie I learned how to tie and still my go to
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