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Sleeve lengths on the shirts?
Huge oFfer sent!
38r dibs, ill bring my axe
The Salmon is an awesome color. When I went the SA said tehy were sold our even though there was one on the mannequin. I would buy these but a las I cant pay 55 for them. I would trade for them though....but Im thinking not--so free bump!
Free bump! I just went in a bought 4 myself. Great shirts for the price--you need a few in your summer staples.
Quote: Originally Posted by w.o.e.is.me. ugh. tempted, but i'm avoiding red. good luck with the sale. this is a great price for a pair of Pantas. LOL SAME HERE. No impulse buys!
pics not working?
Drops...Will ship by tomorrow if you order by 8 AM est. Also, Im about to post some 32s and a few other items.
Quote: Originally Posted by fdbaker Someone mentioned it earlier, but it bears repeating: Women love these things. And if you love women, that should mean something. I wouldn't buy most of them, but my small collection gets far more comments/compliments from women than any other ties I own. Yep....for some reason women love em. http://www.styleforum.net//images/smilies/laugh.gif
So I feel like this should have been done before given the massive amounts of posts in this forum. However, I did a lazy search and didn't see anything. We spend a lot of time talking about and showing off pictures of our clothes, shoes, and other accessories. What about your closets? Im especially interested in those who have found creative ways to use spacing ::cough cough::: NYC forum members. I'm running out of space and need some fresh ideas without spending an arm...
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