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Hello all- I am looking to purchase this tie, an azure Chanel tie with flowers. I believe it was only a few seasons ago, I am happy to purchase it new, NWOT, or gently used. Open to discuss price. Thank you!
Thanks, I was really pleased with it. I had seen a lot of work by the artist, and asked if he used special ink, because his colors are so vibrant. "It's the wizard, not the wand," he says.
This may be too late to be germane to anybody, but I offer this as a memorial to history: as on late May, 2012, ties at the Vendome Charvet were 135 Eurors, across the board. Prices varied for bow ties. Pocket squares were mostly 35 to 50 euros. I got my first Charvet today, and am well pleased with it.
I really like this look, and love the component parts. The tie is great. I wonder if this wouldn't look better with a warmer color tie, a red or an organge?Those shoes are amazing!
Pants look good. I really like the suit. Who makes it?
I like all the elements, but I think you are right about the PS checks being too much together with the gingham and the SC.
Handsome suit, Johny. I agree with Achiles on the side view, and it may be too big in the shoulders as he said- you can see extra material bunching under your your shoulders in the back. The jacket looks a bit long. The break on the pants looks good, but it is hard to tell for length/break without shoes.
This is mine. Chris is my wife. Work by the incomparable Seth Wood.
I love these! I've always been partial to Mithraic imagery, and Baphomet just speaks to the metal in all of us. How old is the back piece? It looks like it has held up well.This is really nice. Great work.These are really well done. Who is the artist?This is great. It healed really well, good aftercare.
Thanks CD, I think you are probably right on the drape/fit of the jacket. Thanks. The jacket is off thew rack (except for the sleeves, which as wannabe points out, are a scootch too long. You are definitely right about the pants, I think I get myself into this problem regularly because I like a cuff on my jeans and often wind up long. Thanks again!Thanks, wannabe. I am a fan of the collar. As above, you nailed it on sleeves and jeans. Cuffs on jeans are a favorite...
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