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I have a black leather jacket that squeaks every time I move. Any advice on how to make it stop or do I need to just break it in? I've worn it sporadically for a couple of years and it hasn't gotten any better.
I just recently had my shoes stretched but would recommend against it unless they're too small to wear otherwse. Mine came out looking very "bloated" and lost its original sleek design.
I don't know the exact adress but it is the one right next to Whole Foods in Union Square NYC. I believe I may have picked up the last pair od 10D in black but don't know about other sizes. I think there are several Shoe Mania locations in the city.
I stopped by the Shoemania store in Union Square to kill some time and noticed that they carried AEs. They had the McLains on sale for $150 in both black and Chili. Unfortunately, they didn't have the chili in my size (10D) so I opted for the black and I must say that these shoes feel very solid. I am a long time Cole-Haan wearer and have had problems with breaking them in (around the ankles) but these AEs feel great from the start. I am beginning to understand why they...
I admit it: I love cargo pants. I don't mean the baggy kind that A&F sells; I speak of the slim fit ones, preferably in darker colors. Would said pants ever be appropriate with a casual blazer such as a tweed jacket? What are your thoughts on cargo pants in general?
Thanks for the reply. I will definitely look into AE on ebay. Do AEs run similar in size to CH? 10.5 D in CHs fit me well.
Hi all, I've learned a lot during the last couple of months reading this forum. It has certainly given me more insight into what qualifies as quality wear. Back to the topic. Are Cole-Haans really that bad? Obviously they don't compare to the Ed Greens, Lobbs, Vass, etc.. I'm almost embarassed to say CHs are the nicest shoes I've owned. However, I just can't see myself spending over $200 for a pair of shoes, no matter how beautiful and well-made they are. As a...
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