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Satin seems to be the consensus. Thanks. For the waist, no, I was thinking just some braces. Trying to look classic, but not wing collar and cummerbund classic.
My first thread, so it was moderated and finally showed up just now, but on the 3rd page. Giving a friendly bump to the top so I can get some eyeballs. Thanks!
I'm getting married in about a month and a half, and I decided to get a bespoke tuxedo made for the event. I'm almost through the process and go in for my final fitting in a few weeks. Here's what I'm working with: The details: Midnight blue, Loro Piana fabric Super 120s Shawl Lapel in satin 1 button, double vented, jetted pockets I've got a shirt being made as well, and it's going to be a spread collar, flat front with studs, something like this: My question...
Grabbed the seer-suckers! Great Seller.
Thanks for all the feedback. I know the opinion on Hugo Boss here on the forum as I've lurked for quite a while. I just like the fit, and they stay in my budget of sub $800. I've never had anything but complements. I'm looking at these as potential throw-aways if my taste changes, or I end up just not fitting them into my rotation. $110 for a half lined (poly), 100% cotton khaki colored jacket, and $69 for the matching pants is a pretty sweet deal if you're...
I'm usually in the habit of buying semi-high quality suits (opinions here my differ... but hey, they look good on me!) like Hugo Boss, but I was noticing some half-decent looking suits the other day during a trip through H&M. I'm thinking of picking up a few of these for some summer alternatives (cotton khaki, linen, etc.) to my standard wool super 100's, 120's fare... I haven't invested in any other fabrics yet. The main reason I'm contemplating it is because one,...
Great ties! Sending you a PM.
I'd love to take the Navy/Red Nordstrom. I can't PM you as I just registered the account. Can you PM me and we can sort out the details? Thanks!
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